The Best Vegetable Cleaning Brushes

From the minute you bring home your grocery shopping, washing and cleaning all of your produce can be a time-consuming and headache-inducing task. But instead of slaving away over the sink getting all of your food squeaky clean, the right vegetable brush can speed up the process exponentially. By adding one of these tools to your kitchen arsenal, you'll get all of your veggies cleaner, quicker. Explore our top picks to find the right vegetable brush to add to your kitchen.

OXO Good Grips Vegetable Brush

The brush off

Get rid of dirt and debris with this small-and-mighty brush.
Best Overall

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With a flexible and non-slip round handle, this vegetable brush is an ergonomic solution for your kitchen. The durable brush is designed to easily clean hearty veggies like potatoes, carrots, apples, and more, so you can be sure that all of your produce is dirt-free and ready to eat. The nylon bristles are stiff to thoroughly clean your vegetables, while the ergonomic handle is comfortable enough to use for extended periods. That way, you can clean everything all at once to save time and hassle.


  • The round, ergonomic handle is comfortable and easy to grip
  • With stiff nylon bristles, the brush thoroughly cleans veggies to remove unwanted dirt and debris
  • You can put it in the dishwasher for easy cleanup


  • You don’t know which color brush you’ll receive when your order
  • Over time, the bristles may become discolored

Mr. Siga Fruit and Vegetable Cleaning Brush

Double trouble

Clean more vegetables faster with this brush two-pack.
Best Pack

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These brushes both have two different types of nylon bristles to maximize their cleaning power. With angled bristles that gently clean delicate produce like mushrooms and berries and stiff straight bristles for more durable veggies like potatoes and radishes, this set is a one-stop shop for getting your produce cleaner. The brushes have a comfortable grip finished with a non-slip surface that makes them easy to handle — even when wet. Add this set to your kitchen arsenal to make one of your most tedious kitchen tasks a little easier.


  • The set includes two brushes, so you have an extra on hand or can share with another member of your household
  • With two different bristles, it’s easier to clean all of your produce with a single brush
  • Non-slip grip makes them easier to handle when wet


  • The bristles aren’t as stiff as on other vegetable brushes

Full Circle The Ring Fruit and Vegetable Cleaning Brush

The inner circle

Made from earth-friendly materials, this veggie brush will become a fast favorite in the kitchen.
Most Eco-Friendly

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Made to clean apples, zucchini, and everything in between, this vegetable brush is the perfect combination of tough and gentle. The recycled bristles are stiff enough to clean durable vegetables like potatoes and turnips but still gentle enough to clean more delicate fruits and veggies, too. Made with bamboo, recycled plant fiber bristles, and recycled plastic bristles, this brush is an eco-friendly alternative to other brushes. Plus, the ring style makes it comfortable and easy to use for the best of both worlds.


  • The brush has two different types of bristles to allow you to clean more types of produce
  • It’s made from eco-friendly materials for an approach that’s good for the planet
  • You can easily hand-wash the brush for easy maintenance


  • The round opening may be too small for those with larger hands
  • Over time, the bristles may begin to fray

Zemozen Vegetable Brush


This scrubber brush gets off even the most stuck-on dirt and grime.
Best Silicone

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This flexible silicone design is the perfect way to get fruits and veggies clean in a flash. The durable style is made entirely of silicone, so you don’t have to worry about bristles falling out, fraying, or growing mold and mildew. The scrubber is also pliable enough to get into all of the nooks and crannies of any piece of produce, getting it totally clean and ready to eat. It even has a suction cup on the top to make storage simpler.


  • With flexible silicone bristles, this brush forms to the shape of any fruit or vegetable
  • Designed with a finger holder, it’s comfortable and easy to use
  • The silicone material won’t get moldy or mildewy, even with frequent use


  • The bristles are short, which means you have to scrub with more pressure to get your produce clean
  • It can be slippery when wet, which makes it harder to handle

Redecker Tampico and Union Fiber Vegetable Brush

Knock on wood

With a wooden base and durable bristles, this heavy-duty design is built to last.
Most Durable

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Suitable for both tough and delicate fruits and vegetables, this brush helps you get all of your produce squeaky clean. The dual-sided brush has a combination of all-natural Tampico fiber bristles, with hard, stiff bristles on one side and softer bristles on the other. With a handcrafted beechwood handle that has a convenient leather hanging loop, this brush is a thoughtfully designed piece that you’ll love to use.


  • It has two different types of bristles so that you can clean any fruit or vegetable
  • The oiled beechwood handle is all-natural and durable for a design that lasts
  • It has a leather hanging strap, so you can hook it anywhere in your kitchen for easy access


  • Over time, bristles may begin to fall out
  • You may need to oil the handle every so often to maintain the condition of the beechwood

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a vegetable brush?

Vegetable brushes are used to clean different types of produce. Typically, they have stiff bristles that are used to brush hearty vegetables, like potatoes, to get off excess dirt and dust. That way, they are clean and ready to eat.

How do you clean a vegetable brush?

Some brushes are dishwasher safe. If yours is not, you can clean the bristles by soaking your brush in a solution of vinegar and dish soap.