The Best Socket Sets

No tool chest is complete without a world-class socket set. If you’re a gearhead – or you know and love one – you've learned there’s no other tool that’s going to help tighten those hard-to-reach nuts like a sturdy socket and wrench. Car engines may more resemble computers these days, but there’s still no way you’ll repair a head gasket or change your oil without a good socket set in your garage. And if you’ve got a to-do list of home projects, it’s hard to even get started without a socket set. Little has changed in the design of the socket set, but quality, durability, and utility can vary widely between brands and manufacturers. We’ve found these to be the best socket sets on the market.

Dewalt Mechanics Tool Set

A Trusted Brand That Delivers

With its DirectTorque Technology and a wide variety of accessories, the Dewalt Mechanics Tool Set delivers the quality you'd expect from the first name in tools.
Best Overall

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There’s a good reason this socket set takes our top award, not the least of which is Dewalt’s patented technology that creates stronger contact between the fastener and the wrench. This greater torque capacity means loosening and tightening nuts is easier every time. The 72-tooth ratchet gives you 5 degrees of arc swing, which means those tight and awkward spaces are no match to this socket set. Better still, you won’t injure your hand with Dewalt’s anti-slip screwdriver. All of these features come in a super-strong blow-molded case, ensuring your tools are organized and safe in your workspace.


  • 62 sockets in a variety of sizes
  • Beautiful chrome finish


  • Sockets are not impact-rated
  • Does not include an attachment for the impact driver

Neiko Drive Master Impact Socket Set

Bigger Really Is Better

Neiko combines a huge variety of tools with heavy-duty construction to create one of the most comprehensive socket sets around.
Biggest Set

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Neiko’s Drive Master Impact Socket Set is a bundle. For starters, it comes with a deep and shallow socket set. On top of that, it comes with a 3-piece universal joint socket swivel set made for high-impact work. Together, they comprise one of the most extensive, high-value socket sets available on the market. Each socket consists of a 6-point hex design that prevents stripping when high torque is applied; meanwhile, the heat-treated, molybdenum steel keeps the swivels from breaking even under the highest pressure. This set is perfect for the tightest spaces, as the spring-loaded ball on each U-joint swivel spins a full 360 degrees and reduces the chances of dropping.


  • Laser-etched size labels for easy ID
  • Blow-molded case with 2 lever locks
  • Rust- and corrosion-proof


  • Sockets can shift in carrying case

EPAuto Drive Socket Set

Won't Break The Bank (Or Your Nuts)

EPAuto provides an all-in-one socket set that's perfect for the car trunk, emergency kit, or comprehensive tool chest.
Best Value

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EPAuto offers a value socket set that’s perfect for both home and professional use. With a wide array of socket pieces in all the popular, standard sizes, you’re sure to find the right tool for a wide variety of maintenance and repairs. The set also features a ⅜-inch reversible 72-teeth ratchet, ensuring a tight fit even under high-torque situations. With sockets forged from hardened and treated chrome vanadium steel, you know these tools are not only durable, but also rust-resistant. All in all, this is the perfect set for motorcyclists, bike riders, and gear heads working with a small garage.


  • Easy to store
  • Ergonomic spinner handle
  • Includes sturdy plastic carrying case


  • The screwdriver does not ratchet
  • Markings are difficult to see

Tekton 3/8-Inch Deep Drive Impact Socket Set

Make An Impact

Exceeding ANSI performance standards, Tekton's deep impact sockets are made for the highest-torque applications.
Best Impact Sockets

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Deep drive impact sockets are specifically created for use with powered impact wrenches, also called “drivers.” When attached to an impact wrench, these sockets can be subjected to greater torque than can be achieved with hand-held, manual wrenches. Tekton’s deep impact sockets, made from heat-treated chrome vanadium steel, are designed specifically for these high-torque applications, and with a 6-point socket design, the socket edges grip the sides of your fastener tightly, preventing stripping under this high pressure. These sockets are especially good for longer fasteners to reach deep-seated nuts.


  • Laser-etched size markings
  • Rust-resistant black phosphate finish


  • Wrench not included
  • Individual replacement sockets not available

Lexivon Master Hex Bit Socket Set

When You Refuse To Give An Inch

For the maintenance of engines and other machines that are built overseas, Lexivon provides a complete, 32-piece metric socket set.
Best Metric Set

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Few things are more frustrating than reaching for a socket and discovering your nut is metric while your socket is standard. For serious mechanics, it’s usually necessary to have both a standard socket set and a metric one. Fortunately, Lexivon provides a 32-piece set that features both SAE and metric bit sockets. Better still, each piece is constructed from heat-treated, drop-forged S2 alloy, so they’re perfect for manual and powered impact wrenches. All in all, this is one of the best, most versatile socket sets on the market today.


  • Chrome-plated mirror finish
  • Compact carrying case
  • Double secure locking sliders


  • No impact rating
  • Hard-to-see size markings

Frequently Asked Questions

Does every socket set come with a socket wrench?

No, not every one. The more specialized the socket set, the less likely it comes with a wrench. For most people, the all-in-one sets that include wrenches are all you need for most jobs.

Do I need to get sockets that are rated for high impact?

The high-torque applications that require sockets rated for impact typically include car or even jet engines. Bike repair, home tasks, and even motorcycle engines rarely require impact sockets.

I’m buying a socket set as a gift. How do I know I’m getting the right one?

For gift-giving, we recommend the comprehensive socket sets – ones that include standard sizes, metric sizes, wrenches, drivers and extensions.