The Best Princess Dress Up Supplies

With princess dress-up clothes, your little one can use her imagination to transform herself into royalty. By simply changing her outfit and putting on some accessories, your child's creativity can come to life. She'll have the opportunity to build a kingdom, rule it gracefully, and maybe even save the day. The possibilities are limitless, which makes this type of play so important for kids. Through dress-up, your child can learn more about the world around her and discover her place in it, having a ton of fun along the way. So, make your daughter's eyes shine by bringing home any of these beautiful princess dress-up sets.

Disney Princess Dress Up Trunk Deluxe

A Trunk Full of Royalty

Inside this cute trunk, your child will find 21 different pieces for princess dress up play.
Best Overall

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Dress up clothes can sometimes take over your child’s entire room, but with this set, they don’t have to. The pieces are easily contained in the cute storage trunk that features popular Disney princesses on the front. When it’s time to play, all of the pieces will be gathered together, so you won’t waste any time searching for bits and pieces of a costume. When it’s time to clean up, it’ll go quickly since everything goes in the same spot. It really takes the mess out of dress-up clothes.

Your child will have a blast pulling out all of the pieces and trying them on. It comes with 21 different dress-up items. There are four tops and three skirts that your child can mix and match. Once they have their outfit selected, they can accessorize with the jewelry, headband, or tiara. It’s enough to keep your child busy for hours, and with so many pieces, a friend or sibling can join in on the fun, too.


  • Included clothes are skirts and shirts, not dresses, so your child can more easily put them on independently
  • Comes with stickers for customizing the trunk, letting your child make it her own
  • Will encourage your child to role-play the part of her favorite Disney princess


  • The shirts are a little on the short side, so if your child is tall they may be more of a crop top that doesn’t touch the skirt
  • The trunk is made from a sturdy cardboard, but it won’t hold up to rough play

Fash N Kolor My First Princess Dress Up Kit

Shoes Galore

Your child will love walking around in these pretty princess shoes.
Best Shoes

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No princess outfit is complete without a great pair of shoes. This set comes with three different pairs of shoes, so no matter what color of princess dress-up outfit your child is wearing, they can find a pair that looks great. Each pair of shoes has a slightly high heel that clicks pleasantly when walking. Your young ones will probably love hearing themselves walk musically across the floor, using their shoes to announce their royal entrance.

In addition to the shoes, this set comes with some cute accessories. There’s a pair of pink gloves so your girl’s pretty princess hands don’t get dirty. She’ll also have some jewelry to put on, including a couple of pairs of clip-on earrings. These are a bit on the heavy side, but they sure look adorable dangling down. Your princess will love how glitzy this set will make her look.


  • Sturdy cardboard case for holding the shoes so that you can keep them organized
  • Good color selection on the shoes (yellow, pink, and silver) so they can match any outfit
  • Fun jewelry to help your child look the part of a princess and provide more play opportunities


  • The shoes don’t fit well on chubby feet – they’re meant for kids in the 3-8 age range, but the top is fairly tight to slide on
  • The earrings won’t last long if your child pulls them off – the clasp on the back is fairly light so it needs to be handled delicately

WATINC Princess Pretend Play Set


What can your princess do with a wave of her magic wand? Let's find out.
Best Accessories

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If you already have a few princess dresses and are looking for some accessories, this set is for you. It comes with 51 pieces to keep your princess busy for hours. The set includes three tutu skirts, three sparkly crowns, and two magical wands to spread love and joy throughout the land. There are also several pairs of clip-on earrings, some bracelets, three necklaces, and rings for each finger (plus some extras).

As your child tries on each piece, she can really take her princess outfit from bland to bling. She’ll simply shine as a royal leader should. This set will seriously make your little girl’s dreams come true.


  • A lot of variety so that your child can mix and match and try new combinations, making the creative play last longer
  • Comes with magic wands, an accessory that may become your child’s new favorite toy
  • Enough pieces to share the fun with a friend to help your child work on cooperative play


  • The gems can pop out easily, so you may need to glue them again with a hot glue gun. If your child still mouths objects, you’ll want to provide close supervision while these are being worn

ReliBeauty Little Girls Snow Princess Costume

Let It Snow

This set comes with everything your little girl needs to turn into a snow princess.
Best All-in-One

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While there’s lots of fun to be had with huge sets of princess dress-up play, sometimes your child just wants one quality princess outfit that they can wear over and over again. If your child enjoys looking like a princess, they’ll love this set. It comes with a beautiful snow princess dress, a crown, a wand, gloves, and more. There’s even a clip-on braid your child can add to her hair to bring a favorite snowy movie to life. All that’s missing are the shoes.

The dress is elegant and will quickly become a favorite. There’s a long cape in the back that’s covered in glitter so your child will shine as she walks. The long sleeve arms are covered in rhinestones, which is a nice little detail. You can select between several different sizes, from 3T through 7, so you can get one that’ll actually fit your little girl. She’ll look so beautiful, she may decide she never wants to take it off.


  • All pieces coordinate and can be worn together to create a stunning snow-princess-themed outfit
  • Not as overwhelming as sets that include tons of options, so if your little one has trouble making decisions, this can help
  • Sturdy enough material to hold up to some washings (on delicate), so if it gets dirty it’s not the end of the world


  • There are no shoes – the outfit is complete except for that, so your child may want to get some pretty princess shoes elsewhere to go with it

Party Chili Fur Princess Hooded Cape

Stay Warm, Little Princess

This beautiful hooded princess cape will keep your little princess warm without breaking character.
Best Princess Cape

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What’s a princess to do when it’s chilly outside? A regular sweater or jacket just won’t do on top of a pretty princess dress – after all, it’d smoosh it all down and leave wrinkles. To help keep your child warm while still staying in character, pick up this beautiful hooded cape. It’s made from polyester velvet and faux fur, so it feels warm without being too heavy.

You can get this cape in five different colors, so pick the one that coordinates best with your child’s favorite dress-up outfit. They’ll look great with the dress showing underneath. It’ll quickly become a favorite addition to your child’s princess dress-up wardrobe.


  • Soft material that feels silky inside and will make your child feel regal
  • Wide variety of sizes available, making it a great option for older princess-loving kids
  • Faux fur around the edge adds to the charm and looks very much like something a princess would wear


  • This isn’t heavy enough to keep your child warm on a very cold night. It’s a replacement for a jacket, not a coat.

Frequently Asked Questions

What size clothes are the princess dress-up outfits?

Each brand of princess dress-up clothes are designed to fit children in different age ranges. You’ll want to carefully look at the age recommendations and the size chart to ensure your child will actually be able to wear the princess clothes you bring home. Most collections are for younger children in the 3-6 age range, but this isn’t always the case.

Can I wash my child’s princess clothes?

Many dress-up clothes cannot be washed. The fabric will rip and get ruined in the washer. To avoid damage, always read the care directions for your outfits. If one cannot be washed, you may be able to use a damp rag to wash out spots.