The Best Pads For Postpartum

After giving birth, many new moms deal with heavy bleeding and look for the best pads to stay comfortable and dry. Postpartum pads are specially designed to handle this unique period of recovery. Our guide will help you choose pads that offer peace of mind, combining high absorbency with gentle care for your healing body. Let’s find your perfect match!

Factors to Consider When Choosing Postpartum Pads

When choosing postpartum pads, it’s essential to consider absorbency, comfort, and breathability. These factors will ensure that you stay comfortable and protected postpartum.


After you bring your baby home, managing postpartum bleeding is a task that requires reliable pads with high absorbency. The Always Infinity FlexFoam Pads are a standout choice due to their ability to handle heavy flow, making them some of the best pads for postpartum.

These pads offer peace of mind as they lock in wetness without feeling bulky or uncomfortable.

Consider Always Maxi Pads as well—they’re designed to catch leaks effectively, ensuring you stay dry and protected throughout the day and night. Knowing that you have a pad capable of handling intense flows helps ease one worry off your list during this new phase of life.

Now, let’s move on to another crucial factor: Finding absorbency and comfort can make all the difference during your recovery period.


Bridging the gap between absorbency and comfort, it’s crucial to consider how a pad feels while wearing it. Soft materials can reduce irritation, especially when adjusting to life with your new baby.

Look for postpartum pads that feature cushioned top sheets made from gentle fabrics like organic cotton. This material is kind to sensitive skin and offers a soothing touch during recovery.

The design of the best pads for postpartum also plays a significant role in overall comfort. Pads with contoured shapes fit better and prevent awkward bunching that can lead to discomfort or leaks.

Flexible wings help pads stay put without digging into your sides so you can move freely while caring for yourself and your little one. Brands such as Always Infinity FlexFoam Pads are praised for their absorbency and comfortable construction. This ensures peace of mind day and night during the challenging postpartum weeks.


Good airflow is crucial for any postpartum pad you choose. Breathability helps prevent moisture build-up, which can lead to discomfort and even infections. Look for pads with a breathable top layer made from organic cotton or other skin-friendly fabrics.

These types of materials allow air to circulate, keeping the area dry and helping to promote healing.

Many new moms prefer the feel of soft, natural fibers against their skin after childbirth. The best organic pads for postpartum are gentle on sensitive areas and let your skin breathe.

Pads without plastics or synthetic covers can make a big difference in comfort during your recovery period. Make sure the pad you pick doesn’t trap heat and moisture, as this could hinder your progress toward feeling better.

Top Recommended Postpartum Pads

Rael Organic Cotton Cover Pads

Comfy and discreet

Superior comfort and protection for postpartum recovery using organic cotton.
Best Overall

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  • Made with organic cotton for a natural and comfortable feel

  • Unscented material for sensitive skin

  • Includes 56 regular-sized pads in one pack

  • Manufactured by Rael, a trusted brand in women’s health products

  • Compact dimensions for easy storage and portability

  • Designed to provide reliable protection while being gentle on the skin

New moms will find peace of mind in Rael Organic Cotton Cover Pads, a top choice for post-birth recovery. These pads offer exceptional comfort with their 100% certified organic cotton top sheet, ensuring that nothing but the purest material touches your skin. This is especially important when healing and sensitivity are at their peaks. Mothers can trust that their most delicate areas won’t be irritated during this tender time because they are free from toxins and synthetic chemicals.

Rael pads stand out due to their Leak Locker Technology, which protects against leaks. The unique channel design captures fluid effectively, while the side panels give extra security as you get back to moving around after delivery. The super absorbent core locks in moisture to ensure dryness throughout the day or night. So, these ones help new moms feel fresh and confident as they adapt to life’s new routines.

Selecting Rael Organic Cotton Cover Pads as our number one pick wasn’t difficult; it simply ticks all the boxes for postpartum care. They deliver on performance with features like maximum airflow that reduces odors and irritation. This is a must-have during those first few weeks of motherhood when comfort is key.


  • Safe and effective for all women, skin types, and menstrual conditions.

  • Unique channel designs trap fluids and side panels for added security.

  • Hypoallergenic, soft, breathable sheets alleviate unpleasant odors and irritation.

  • Ultra premium pad provides ultimate comfort and protection.


  • May not provide enough absorbency for heavy flow days

  • Some users may find the pads to be too thin

  • The price point may be higher compared to other non-organic options

The ideal customer for Rael Organic Cotton Cover Pads is a health-conscious and environmentally aware woman who wants the best protection during her postpartum period. With its 100% certified organic cotton top sheet and leak locker technology, these pads are perfect for women looking for superior comfort and sustainability. Upgrade your postpartum experience with Rael today!

Amazon Basics Incontinence, Bladder Control & Postpartum Pads


Maximum protection and comfort for new moms and women with incontinence.
Runner Up

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  • Made with soft and breathable cotton for comfort

  • Features a waterproof rubber layer for protection

  • Can be used as disposable or reusable pads

  • Comes in a pack of 39 maximum absorbency pads

  • Designed to provide reliable bladder control and postpartum protection

Amazon Basics Incontinence, Bladder Control & Postpartum Pads offer new moms the confidence and comfort they need postpartum. With maximum absorbency and a long-length design, these pads lock in 20% more wetness than other leading brands. This feature is crucial for handling sudden streams from an overly full bladder that can be common after childbirth. The soft cotton-enhanced surface feels gentle against sensitive skin, reducing irritation and promoting overall health.

Crafted with Dri-Fit technology, the pads keep moisture under control, maintaining dryness and comfort even on busier days when finding time for a quick change might be challenging. Their dual odor control system is another standout benefit. It neutralizes odors effectively so you can stay fresh throughout your day without worry or distraction. For women navigating the demands of motherhood while dealing with postpartum recovery, this reliable product provides protection where it’s needed most.

Amazon Basics Incontinence Pads is number two on our list because of high-quality materials and features like Alexa voice shopping capability for convenience. They are essential for managing incontinence issues while supporting new mothers through a significant life transition.


  • Identical in manufacturing and formulation as the Solimo brand

  • FSA eligible and Alexa voice shopping enabled

  • Locks in 20% more wetness than leading bladder control pad

  • Cotton Enhanced surface for comfort; wicks away moisture


  • Some may find the pads to be thicker than expected

  • The adhesive strip may not adhere well for some individuals

  • Limited in terms of color and design options

Are you a new mom or someone who struggles with bladder control? Upgrade to Amazon Basics Incontinence, Bladder Control & Postpartum Pads for maximum protection and comfort. Try it now and experience the difference!

TENA Incontinence Pads

Stay fresh

Excellent protection for postpartum with triple protection and gynecologist-tested formula.
Best Odor-Control

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  • The TENA Incontinence Pads offer superior absorbency to keep you dry and comfortable

  • These pads are designed for a secure and comfortable fit, allowing you to move confidently

  • These pads help you feel fresh throughout the day with advanced odor protection

  • The slim profile of these pads ensures they are discreet under clothing for added confidence

  • These pads have a soft top layer that is gentle on your skin, providing comfort with every wear

  • Trusted by many, TENA offers high-quality incontinence products for peace of mind

TENA Incontinence Pads offer peace of mind to new moms navigating postpartum recovery. With their triple protection feature, these pads guard against bladder leaks and unwanted odors and keep you feeling dry. Their overnight absorbency is designed for uninterrupted sleep when rest is crucial. The extra coverage provides an additional layer of security so you can focus on bonding with your baby without worrying about accidents.

Recognizing the sensitivity of post-birth skin, TENA’s Intimates are dermatologically approved and 100% breathable to promote health and comfort down there. The pads undergo gynecologist testing to ensure they’re gentle enough for delicate areas. They’re number three on our list because they address incontinence needs while fully responding to the demands of a new mother’s body.

New mothers deserve products that support them during this significant life change, so we highlight TENA pads’ specific design for women in their postpartum phase. Offering reliable protection, these pads make managing physical changes after birth easier. So ,moms can cherish the precious early stages of motherhood with confidence and care.


  • Protects against bladder leaks, urine odor, and wetness

  • Dermatologically approved by the Skin Health Alliance

  • Gynecologist tested not to cause skin irritation

  • 100% breathable for sensitive, intimate skin protection


  • May feel bulky for some users

  • Higher cost compared to some other brands

  • Not eco-friendly due to disposable nature

For the busy, active woman looking for ultimate protection and comfort during postpartum or bladder leakage, TENA Incontinence Pads are the perfect choice. Trust their triple protection and gynecologist-tested formula to keep you feeling fresh and confident all day. Try them now and experience worry-free nights!

Frida Mom Postpartum Maternity Catch-All Pads

Get on with your day

Superior leak-proof protection for postpartum recovery.
Best Leak-Proof

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  • Disposable pads designed specifically for postpartum use

  • Includes 18 individually wrapped pads for convenience and portability

  • Created by Frida Mom, a trusted brand in maternity care products

  • Manufactured in China to meet high-quality standards

Fresh from the delivery room, new moms are often unprepared for the postpartum journey, including managing the following heavy flow. Frida Mom Postpartum Maternity Catch-All Pads step up to this challenge with their 18-count pack of super-absorbent pads designed specifically for these needs. The innovative six-layer construction efficiently catches blood clots and bladder leaks, providing maximum absorbency without compromising comfort.

With a thoughtful, complete, front-to-back design, these maternity pads feature a soft top layer that’s gentle on sensitive skin and robust side walls to prevent any overflow—something every mom appreciates during recovery. Unlike standard sanitary napkins containing harsh chemicals, these are free of fragrance, chlorine, and dye—a crucial consideration when tending to your body’s most delicate areas. Plus, they’re just as suitable after both vaginal deliveries and C-sections.

In action, Frida Mom Pads offer peace of mind so you can focus on bonding with your newborn rather than worrying about leaks. Their leak-proof confidence is matched by practicality; having everything in one package reduces the stress of searching for added protection or changing products frequently throughout the day. With Frida Mom’s postpartum solution at your side—or beneath—the transition into motherhood becomes more manageable.


  • 18-count absorbent postpartum pads for maximum protection

  • Made without fragrance, chlorine, or dye for gentle care

  • Leak-proof confidence with innovative design and waterproof bottom layer

  • Provides essential protection and comfort for both vaginal or c – section recovery


  • Potential discomfort for some users due to the thickness of the pads

  • The size may be too large for some individuals

  • Some users might find the adhesive strips less secure than desired

The Frida Mom Postpartum Maternity Catch-All Pads are the perfect solution for new moms looking for maximum absorbency and leak-proof protection during postpartum recovery. Designed with comfort in mind, these pads are ideal for both vaginal or c-section recovery and provide confidence against heavy flow. Don’t settle for anything less – try our 6-layered, no-BS ingredient pads now!

Always Discreet Adult Incontinence & Postpartum Pads

Barely detectable

Exceptional postpartum comfort and protection for confident, active days.
Most Comfortable

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  • Designed for heavy incontinence or postpartum needs

  • Provides reliable protection and discretion

  • Panty liner style for comfortable wear

  • Manufactured by Always, a trusted brand

  • 39-count pack for convenience

  • Made in Canada with high-quality materials

New moms deserve the utmost comfort and security during postpartum recovery, and Always Discreet Adult Incontinence & Postpartum Pads deliver just that. These heavy absorbency pads come with unique LeakGuards that keep wetness away from your edges, so you can focus on bonding with your baby without worrying about leaks. The OdorLock technology is a true lifesaver for new moms, ensuring odors are continuously neutralized and letting you maintain freshness throughout the day.

With the Always Discreet My Fit chart available to help find the perfect size, these incontinence pads offer a tailored fit that’s as discreet as protective. They’re designed with a boosted protection zone right where it’s most needed, providing up to five times the average leak coverage – ideal for those sudden gushes post-baby. Plus, they slip seamlessly under clothes, meaning comfort isn’t compromised for confidence. For women adjusting to motherhood while managing bladder leaks or postpartum flow, these 39-count Size 5 incontinence pads could be an invaluable addition to their daily routine.

Access to dependable products like Always Discreet Incontinence Pads can make all the difference for new mothers who want to move freely and tend comfortably to their newborns. Since they’re eligible for FSA and HSA, stocking up can be something other than another worry on your list. With these long-length pads’ quick absorption capability keeping skin dry and comfortable hour after hour of use – trips out of the house feel less daunting and more doable than ever.


  • Find the perfect fit with the Always Discreet My Fit chart

  • LeakGuards keep wetness away from sides

  • OdorLock technology neutralizes odors instantly and continuously

  • Unique boosted protection zone in the center for maximum protection


  • May feel bulky for some users

  • Odor control may diminish over time

  • Not suitable for very light or minimal incontinence

The ideal customer for Always Discreet Adult Incontinence & Postpartum Pads is a woman who values comfort and discretion while dealing with heavy postpartum or incontinence needs. With unique features like LeakGuards, OdorLock technology, and a boosted protection zone, these pads offer up to 100% leak-free protection to confidently go about your day. Try them now and experience the best pads for postpartum care!


Q: What are the best pads for postpartum?

A: The best postpartum pads are specifically designed for postpartum bleeding, such as extra-absorbent maxi pads or organic postpartum pads.

Q: How long should I expect postpartum bleeding to last?

A: Postpartum bleeding, also known as lochia, can last for up to six weeks after giving birth.

Q: Are organic postpartum pads preferable for sensitive skin?

A: Yes, organic postpartum pads are often preferred for sensitive skin as they are free from harsh chemicals and synthetic materials.

Q: Should I opt for disposable postpartum underwear?

A: Disposable postpartum underwear can be a convenient option during the initial days of postpartum recovery, especially if you prefer not to deal with laundry.

Q: What are the best pads for heavy postpartum flow?

A: For heavy postpartum flow, it is recommended to use extra-absorbent overnight pads or pads designed specifically for heavy menstrual flow.

Q: Can you recommend the best organic postpartum pads?

A: Some popular brands for best organic postpartum pads include Rael’s organic postpartum pads, which are known for their ultra-soft and comfortable design.

Q: How many postpartum pads should I buy in preparation for postpartum bleeding?

A: It’s advisable to have a good supply of postpartum pads on hand, as the volume of postpartum bleeding can vary for each individual. It’s recommended to start with a pack or two and purchase more as needed.

Q: Is there a specific type of underwear that is best for the postpartum period?

A: Postpartum underwear, particularly those designed for the fourth trimester, are often recommended for their comfort and support during the postpartum period. Some individuals also opt for adult diapers or always discreet underwear for added protection.

Q: Do postpartum pads come with wings for added security?

A: Yes, many postpartum pads come with wings to provide extra security and prevent leaks during movements.

Q: What is the best way to stay comfortable while experiencing postpartum bleeding?

A: To stay comfortable during postpartum bleeding, it’s recommended to wear ultra-soft and comfy pads specifically designed for postpartum use, and to opt for loose-fitting clothing and postpartum underwear.


In your journey through motherhood, comfort and protection are essential. Rael Organic Cotton Cover Pads cater to your natural preferences, offering softness and gentle care for sensitive skin.

For unbeatable absorbency and the convenience of disposability or reusability, choose Amazon Basics Incontinence, Bladder Control & Postpartum Pads. Embrace these top picks for a worry-free postpartum experience focusing on healing and bonding with your new baby.

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