The Best Nursing Bras in 2024

Are you a new mom struggling to find the right nursing bra for breastfeeding? Did you know that experts recommend Kindred Bravely and Storq Full Cup Nursing Bra as the best nursing bras? In this blog, we’ll help you navigate the top recommendations for nursing bras, making your search easier. Get ready to discover the best nursing bras on the market!

Explanation of the importance of nursing bras for breastfeeding mothers

Breastfeeding mothers find nursing bras essential because they offer unparalleled support and convenience during a time when their bodies are constantly changing. These bras are specially designed with features that allow easy feeding access without needing to remove the entire bra, which is particularly useful when you’re out and about or in the middle of a busy day.

Secure yet comfortable, the best nursing bras provide adjustable straps and a variety of sizes tailored for different breast shapes, ensuring a snug fit as moms go through postpartum body changes.

They also help in maintaining breast health by reducing discomfort and preventing issues like clogged milk ducts or mastitis, often caused by ill-fitting regular bras. With options like the Suekaphin Nursing Bra or HOFISH Maternity Nursing Bra ranking among the best on Amazon, there’s no compromise between functionality and comfort during this crucial phase of motherhood.

Key Features of the Best Nursing Bras

Nursing bras must provide comfort and support, easy access for breastfeeding, adjustable straps, and various sizes for different breast sizes. These features are essential for new moms to consider when choosing the best nursing bra for their needs.

Comfort and Support

Comfort and support are essential for any nursing bra, as they are key to helping new moms feel at ease during breastfeeding and throughout their day. The right nursing bra will provide gentle yet firm support without constricting delicate breast tissue or causing discomfort.

Look for bras with soft, stretchy material that adapts to your changing body, like the Bravado Body Silk Seamless Bra, which scored high for fit and comfort. Bras with a wireless design can offer more natural shaping while reducing the risk of clogged milk ducts—a common concern among breastfeeding mothers.

To ensure maximum comfort, consider bras crafted from breathable fabrics; these allow air circulation and keep moisture away from the skin, preventing irritation. The Hatch Collection’s Everyday Nursing Bra impresses with its wireless construction and focus on comfort, making it a top pick in real-world testing.

Additionally, supportive nursing bras cater to all sizes—from small to large breasts—ensuring every mom gets the lift and stability she needs. The Plunge Wireless Maternity/Nursing Bra is an excellent choice for support and style.

Easy Access for Breastfeeding

In addition to providing comfort and support, the best nursing bras ensure that breastfeeding your little one is a hassle-free experience. Look for bras with cleverly designed clips or panels that can be easily opened and closed with one hand — a crucial feature when holding your baby in the other.

Moms rave about options like the Kindred Bravely French Terry Racerback, which combines easy breast access with a snug fit, making feeding time seamless any time of day or night.

Many top-rated nursing bras come equipped with fold-down cups or subtle slits that don’t skimp on discretion while offering full breast exposure for feeding. The Dream Feed Nursing and Sleep Bra is known for its simple yet effective design that facilitates nighttime feedings without fumbling around in the dark.

These designs are perfect matches for new moms seeking convenience during those precious yet demanding moments when their baby needs nourishment.

Adjustable Straps

Seamlessly moving from the convenience of easy access, adjustable straps are a game-changer for nursing mothers. They allow you to customize the fit as your body changes, which is especially important postpartum when breast size fluctuates.

Tighten or loosen them easily for optimal comfort and support throughout the day or even during nighttime feedings.

Having adjustable straps also means that these bras can adapt to your unique shape, providing crucial personalized, whether at home or on the go. This makes them a versatile choice and an essential feature in the best nursing bras for small breasts and large breasts alike.

As your journey through motherhood progresses, you’ll notice how adjustable straps help maintain a great fit, ensuring that each nursing experience is comfortable and convenient.

Variety of Sizes for Different Breast Sizes

Finding the best nursing bras that fit well can be a game-changer for new moms. Every mom’s different, and breast size can change throughout the breastfeeding journey.

Brands like Bodily and Bravado understand this, offering options explicitly designed to cater to both small and large breasts.

A perfect fit ensures proper support without discomfort, which is essential if you’re on the go. The Kindred Bravely French Terry Racerback boasts high marks for its comfortable fit across different breast sizes. At the same time, the Plunge Wireless Maternity/Nursing Bra gets rave reviews for providing excellent support tailored to each unique shape.

These bras offer comfort and make breastfeeding easier with convenient access and adjustable straps that adapt as your body changes over time.

Top Recommendations for Nursing Bras

Suekaphin Nursing Bra

Top choice

Ultimate comfort and convenience for new moms during breastfeeding.
Best Overall

Find on Amazon


  • Wire-free design for comfortable wearing

  • Easy hook and eye closure for convenience

  • Imported high-quality fabric blend for durability

  • Specifically designed for nursing mothers

  • Available in various sizes to fit different body types

  • Manufacturer with a history of producing reliable products

The Suekaphin Nursing Bra is a standout choice for new moms seeking comfort and convenience. Crafted with a wireless design, the bra offers ample support without the discomfort of underwires, making it an ideal option for breastfeeding and sleeping. Its deep V-neck style provides easy access for nursing while ensuring that mothers can feel confident in their appearance.

A key benefit of these bras is their adaptability; each pack comes with extra extenders to accommodate changes in body size during postpartum recovery. Moreover, this 5-pack assortment allows you to have a fresh option readily available, which is especially handy given the frequent need to change bras during nursing periods. The soft materials and practical features like one-handed access clips make feeding sessions stress-free and discreet.

We selected the Suekaphin Nursing Bra as our top pick after considering its multifaceted utility – combining maternity needs with breastfeeding functionality without compromising style. Mothers will appreciate being able to transition effortlessly from daytime activities to nighttime restfulness while maintaining skin-to-skin contact with their babies thanks to the comfortable bralette design. This product exemplifies how thoughtful engineering can result in a superior garment that fulfills new mothers’ mothers needs efficiently and elegantly.


  • Deep V-neck design for easy access during breastfeeding

  • Wireless and comfortable for all-day wear

  • Comes in a 5-pack with extra extenders for the perfect fit

  • Ideal for sleeping and breastfeeding ease


  • Limited size options for larger bust sizes

  • The material may not provide enough support for all body types

  • Some users find the bralette style to be less comfortable for all-day wear

The ideal customer for Suekaphin Nursing Bra is a busy and practical new mom who values comfort and convenience while breastfeeding. If you want the perfect nursing bra to support your postpartum journey, try this option with a deep V-neck design and extra extenders. Enjoy a comfortable, discreet, and easy access for those late-night feedings – order now!

Momcozy Nursing Bras for Breastfeeding

Pregnancy and beyond

Say goodbye to discomfort with this supportive nursing bra.
Runner Up

Find on Amazon


  • Wire-free design for comfortable wearing

  • Hook and eye closure for easy access during breastfeeding

  • Made with a blend of nylon and spandex for stretch and support

  • Imported from China, ensuring high-quality craftsmanship

  • Designed specifically for nursing mothers

  • Available in a range of sizes to fit every body type

The Momcozy Nursing Bras for Breastfeeding offers an outstanding blend of comfort and practicality, vital for new mothers navigating the demands of breastfeeding. With its YN21 seamless design, this maternity bra provides a smooth silhouette under clothing, ensuring no uncomfortable seams or fastenings interfere with nursing ease or day-to-day activities. Its ultra-comfort construction is especially appreciated during nighttime feeds when convenience and ease are paramount.

Crafted to cater to the natural fluctuations in breast size accompanying motherhood, this bralette smartly balances support with a gentle touch. The soft fabric molds beautifully to your changing shape without compressing or irritating sensitive skin. Furthermore, easy-to-use clips facilitate quick access for feeding sessions; this thoughtful feature exemplifies how Momcozy has infused user perspective into their product development.

We have selected the Momcozy Nursing Bra as No. 2 on our list because it excels at addressing key decision-making factors such as durability, comfort level, and user-friendly functionality while maintaining a natural aesthetic appeal. Many users report positive experiences of uninterrupted sleep due to the bra’s flexible fit, which moves with you rather than against you – a testimony that shows how essential these features are during pregnancy and postpartum periods.


  • Comfortable and seamless design for all-day wear

  • Natural shaping for a flattering fit

  • Convenient nursing access for easy breastfeeding

  • Versatile as both a maternity and sleep bra


  • Not suitable for high-impact activities

  • Limited color options

  • May not provide enough support for larger cup sizes

Momcozy Nursing Bras for Breastfeeding is perfect for busy moms who value comfort and convenience. This seamless, ultra-comfortable bra is best for pregnant and breastfeeding women looking for a natural shape and support during the day or while sleeping. Say goodbye to uncomfortable bras and try Momcozy today.

Suekaphin Wireless Nursing Bra

Bye bye wires

Stay snug and supported while you’re dashing around.
Most Supportive

Find on Amazon


  • Wire-free design for maximum comfort

  • Easy-to-use clasp closure for quick access during nursing

  • Imported fabric made of Nylon and Spandex blend for stretch and support

  • Manufactured by Suekaphin, a trusted brand in maternity wear

  • Specifically designed for women’s nursing period

  • Available since October 14, 2017, proving its reliability over time

The Suekaphin Wireless Nursing Bra offers a blend of comfort and convenience that new moms will appreciate throughout their day. This nursing bra is designed with soft, stretchy fabric accommodating the fluctuating breast sizes many mothers experience. Its wireless structure means less irritation and pressure points, making it ideal for both daytime support and nighttime wear.

Features such as easy-to-use nursing clips and adjustable shoulder straps simplify breastfeeding by allowing one-handed access. The Suekaphin also comes in a pack of two, offering value and a variety of color choices to integrate into a new mom’s wardrobe seamlessly. With its supportive rib band and breathable material, this bra ensures that mothers can focus on bonding with their babies rather than adjusting their undergarments.

In compiling our list of top picks for maternity wear essentials, the Suekaphin 2PACK Nursing Bra secured spot number three due to its remarkable balance of functionality and comfort at an accessible price point. It stands out because it assists during nursing sessions and provides gentle support around the clock – critical during those first months when rest can be sporadic at best. Whether lounging at home or running errands, busy moms are covered with this thoughtful lingerie solution explicitly crafted for postpartum life.


  • Comfortable and wire-free design for all-day wear

  • Convenient nursing clips for easy breastfeeding access

  • Soft and stretchy fabric for a perfect fit during pregnancy and postpartum

  • It comes in a 2-pack for great value and a variety of color options


  • Limited color options

  • Not suitable for high-impact activities

  • May not provide enough support for larger cup sizes

The Suekaphin Wireless Nursing Bra is perfect for the busy, multitasking mom who needs comfort and support while breastfeeding. With its soft fabric and wireless design, it allows for easy movement and convenience. Don’t settle for uncomfortable nursing bras – try the Suekaphin 2PACK today!

GXXGE Nursing Bra

Feeding time’s a breeze

Breastfeed with ease thanks to this smartly-designed bra.
Best Value

Find on Amazon


  • Wire-free design for maximum comfort

  • Made with a stretchy and breathable fabric blend

  • Easy hook and eye closure for convenient nursing access

  • Imported from China by GXXGE

  • Designed specifically for women and available in various sizes and colors to suit individual preferences

Understanding the unique needs of new mothers, the GXXGE Nursing Bra offers a seamless blend of comfort and support during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Crafted with an attention to detail that respects the delicate balance required in maternity wear, this bra delivers on its promise of ease without compromising style. Its silk-like fabric provides a luxurious feel against sensitive skin, which is paramount when your body is undergoing many changes.

Highlighting essential features such as one-hand access clips for quick nursing and adjustable shoulder straps for fluctuating breast sizes, the GXXGE Nursing Bras are designed to make motherhood a little easier. The full-coverage design ensures no spillage while also giving push-up support that many nursing bras lack. This gives moms functionality and confidence in their postpartum bodies.

Inclusion in a 4Pack makes it evident that convenience was top of mind – offering multiple color options like Black, Beige, Grey, and Pink caters to different wardrobe needs. Mothers have shared anecdotes about its endurance through countless washes without losing shape or comfort – something often overlooked but deeply appreciated when time is precious. Whether during midnight feedings or those rare moments of downtime, the GXXGE Maternity Bra provides unwavering support every step of the way.


  • Provides excellent support and comfort for breastfeeding mothers

  • Seamless design prevents irritation and chafing

  • Includes push-up feature for added shape and lift

  • It comes in a convenient 4-pack with different colors to match any outfit


  • Limited size options available

  • May not provide enough support for larger cup sizes

  • Some customers may find the material to be too thin

The GXXGE Nursing Bra is perfect for new mothers who want comfort and support while breastfeeding. With its seamless design and push-up feature, this bra provides functionality and style.

HOFISH Maternity Nursing Bra

Great quality

Grab this trio and sort your nursing bra needs out in one fell swoop.
Best Multipack

Find on Amazon


  • Pull-on closure for easy and convenient wearing

  • Imported for high-quality craftsmanship

  • Hand Wash Only for easy maintenance

  • Fabric made of 100% Other Fibers for comfort and support

  • Specifically designed for maternity and nursing needs

  • Adjustable straps for a customizable fit

Navigating the world of maternity wear can be daunting for new moms. Still, the HOFISH Maternity Nursing Bra makes it easier by offering comfort and convenience in one package. This wireless bralette is designed to support breastfeeding mothers, boasting features such as detachable shoulder straps with easy-to-use clips for quick nursing access. The inclusion of extenders ensures a perfect fit even as your body changes during pregnancy and postpartum, while the soft, breathable fabric provides all-day comfort.

The HOFISH Maternity Nursing Bra also has removable pads that give an extra layer of discretion and shaping. Available in a pack of three with colors to match various outfits, these bras adapt to both daytime wear and nighttime feedings. New moms will appreciate how this bra alleviates some of the stress associated with breastfeeding schedules by providing push-up support without compromising ease of access—a key feature when holding a hungry baby.

Beyond functionality, mothers have praised the durability of these bras through the laundry. This is an essential consideration given their frequent use. The thoughtful design choices made here demonstrate an understanding of what truly matters to nursing mothers: ease, comfort, practicality, and a touch of style. For those seeking reliability during such an important chapter in life’s journey into motherhood—look no further than this trio from HOFISH for your maternity wardrobe-essentials.


  • Comfortable and supportive wireless design

  • Includes pads, extenders & clips for customizable fit

  • Suitable for both pregnancy and breastfeeding

  • Comes in a convenient 3-pack with different colors


  • Limited color options in the 3-pack (pink-black-beige)

  • Some users may find the sizing to be inconsistent

  • The bra may not provide enough support for larger cup sizes

This HOFISH maternity nursing bra is ideal for expecting or new mothers who want comfort, functionality, and style during breastfeeding. With its wireless design, padded cups, and included extenders and clips for a perfect fit, this 3-pack offers the support and convenience needed for daily wear. Take advantage of the best nursing bras – upgrade your wardrobe with HOFISH today!

Angelhood Womens Seamless Sleep Nursing Bra

Stay supported all day

Comfortable, convenient, and stylish nursing bras.
Best for Busy Bees

Find on Amazon


  • Adjustable straps for a customizable fit

  • Wire-free design for maximum comfort

  • Easy-to-use clasp closure

  • Made with 90% Nylon and 10% Spandex for stretch and support

  • Seamless construction for a smooth look under clothing

  • Designed specifically for nursing mothers

The Angelhood Women’s SeWomen’sSleep Nursing Bra offers an exceptional blend of comfort and convenience for new mothers navigating the breastfeeding world. The seamless design and buttery-soft fabric allows for a fit that adapts to a mother’s shape throughout pregnancy and nursing. The inclusion of bra extenders enhances this adaptability, a thoughtful addition recognizing the varied body transformations experienced during this time.

With its emphasis on ease of use, this maternity bra features one-hand nursing clips for fast access when your baby needs to feed. These practical elements are coupled with removable foam cups, providing discretion and support. This is a balance every nursing mother appreciates. The wide nursing sling also ensures extra support without compromising mobility, whether you’re sleeping or on the move.

The Angelhood Nursing Maternity Bra stands out with its complete coverage design, which keeps everything secure without feeling restrictive – vital for both daytime use and overnight wear when stability is particularly important. In neutral colors such as black, beige, and wine red, it pairs with various outfits while remaining discreet under clothing. New moms will find solace in this nurturing blend of functionality and softness that respects their need for physical ease and efficient nursing capabilities.


  • Comfortable, seamless design for all-day wear

  • Convenient nursing access for breastfeeding mothers

  • Includes removable bra pads for customizable support

  • Pack of 3 bras in different colors for variety


  • Limited color options (only available in black, beige, and wine red)

  • Some customers may find the bra sizing runs small

  • The removable bra pads may shift or bunch up during wear

The Angelhood Women’s SeWomen’sSleep Nursing Bra is perfect for the busy, multitasking mom who wants comfort and convenience while breastfeeding. Its seamless design, removable pads, and extenders make it ideal for everyday wear during pregnancy and nursing. Get your set of 3 in black, beige, and wine red today!

Lataly Women’s SlWomen’sNursing Bra

Stretchy and snug-feeling.

This nursing bra fits like a second-skin.
Also Consider

Find on Amazon


  • Made with 92% nylon and 8% spandex for a comfortable and stretchy fit

  • Designed specifically for nursing mothers to provide easy access to breastfeeding

  • Snap closure for convenient and secure fastening

  • Hand wash only care instructions to maintain the integrity of the fabric

  • Available in various sizes to ensure a perfect fit for all body types

  • Imported from China, it provides high-quality craftsmanship at an affordable price

The Lataly Women’s Nursing Bra offers comfort and convenience, making it an excellent choice for new moms who need functional lingerie that simplifies their daily routine. Crafted with soft, stretchable fabric, this nursing bra promises to adapt to fluctuating breast sizes commonly experienced during maternity. Its wire-free design eliminates the hassle of digging wires, ensuring all-night comfort even when milk volume increases.

Featuring an easy one-handed clasp release, these bras allow quick access when breastfeeding or pumping is required—a feature that helps streamline feeding sessions while holding your baby or managing a breast pump. The seamless construction provides smooth support and reduces irritation caused by rough seams, a boon for sensitive postpartum skin.

Versatility is at the forefront with the Lataly Nursing Bra’s multitaskmultBra’sk offering—new mothers can appreciate having five ready-to-wear options between washes. With no compromise on style, these bralettes come in varied colors for different outfits or moods. Whether at home or out running errands with your little one, Lataly ensures you do so with ease and poise.


  • Comfortable and wire-free design for all-day wear

  • Easy access for breastfeeding with one-handed clasps

  • Pack of 5 bras to provide multiple options

  • Soft, stretchy fabric to accommodate changing breast sizes


  • Limited color options

  • May not provide enough support for larger bust sizes

  • Some customers found the sizing to be inaccurate

The Lataly Women’s Nursing Bra is perfect for busy new moms who value breastfeeding comfort and convenience. With its wire-free design and pack of five, this bralette is ideal for a comfortable and practical nursing bra. Don’t miss this essential item from The Best Nursing Bras collection – try the Lataly bra today!


Q: What is a nursing bra?

A: A nursing bra is a specialized type of brassiere designed to provide easy access for breastfeeding or pumping. It typically features cups that can be easily unclasped or pulled down to allow for breastfeeding without removing the entire bra.

Q: Why should I invest in a nursing bra?

A: Nursing bras are designed to provide comfort, support, and convenience for breastfeeding mothers. They offer easy access for nursing or pumping and provide additional support for changing breast sizes during pregnancy and postpartum.

Q: What are the key features to look for in a nursing bra?

A: The key features to consider when choosing a nursing bra include comfort, proper fit, ease of use for breastfeeding or pumping, support, and the ability to accommodate changing breast sizes. Additionally, seamless, wireless, and adjustable options are often preferred by nursing mothers.

Q: How do I determine the right size for a nursing bra?

A: It is recommended to measure your band size and cup size regularly during pregnancy and postpartum to ensure the best fit. Many brands offer sizing guides to help you find the right fit, and it’s important to consider the changing size of your breasts when selecting a nursing bra.

Q: Are underwire nursing bras safe to use?

A: While some women prefer the additional support provided by underwire bras, it’s important to ensure that the underwire fits properly without putting pressure on the breast tissue. Some nursing experts recommend wireless bras during the early breastfeeding stages to avoid potential issues with milk supply or clogged ducts.

Q: What are the benefits of a wireless nursing bra?

A: Wireless nursing bras offer a more flexible and comfortable fit, especially during the early stages of breastfeeding. They provide gentle support without the potential discomfort associated with underwire bras and are often preferred for everyday wear and sleeping.

Q: Can I wear a nursing sports bra for everyday use?

A: Yes, many nursing sports bras are designed to provide both the support and flexibility needed for physical activity while also offering easy access for breastfeeding or pumping. It’s common for nursing mothers to wear sports bras for everyday use due to their comfort and functionality.

Q: What is the best nursing bra for large breasts?

A: There are several brands and styles that cater specifically to nursing mothers with larger breasts. Look for options with wide, supportive straps, ample coverage, and adjustable features to ensure comfort and proper support for larger bust sizes.

Q: How can I ensure a good fit in a nursing bralette?

A: When selecting a nursing bralette, consider options with adjustable straps and stretchy, supportive fabric to accommodate changing breast sizes. It’s important to find a balance between comfort and proper support, especially if you plan to wear the bralette for extended periods.

Q: Can I use a nursing bra for pumping?

A: Many nursing bras are designed to be suitable for both breastfeeding and pumping. Look for options with convenient nursing clips or easy-to-adjust features that allow for seamless transitioning between breastfeeding and pumping sessions.


In conclusion, the best nursing bras for new moms will provide comfort, support, and easy access to breastfeeding. Consider purchasing the Suekaphin Nursing Bra for a wire-free design and various size options to fit different body types.

Additionally, the Momcozy Nursing Bras for Breastfeeding offers a comfortable wire-free design with easy hook and eye closure during breastfeeding.

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