The Best Needle Felting Kits

In our humble opinion, felted creations are some of the cutest things you can craft up. Luckily, needle felting kits make these adorable objects easy to create on your own. Below, we've found and reviewed the best sets on the market today. Simply read on to find the version that'll be perfect for you as you learn this new skill.

Mayboos Needle Felting Kit

Everything You Need and More

Filled with tools, stencils, wool, and more, this complete needle felting kit will take you from beginner to experienced crafter.
Best Overall

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If you’re just starting out with needle felting, this complete kit from Mayboos is an excellent option. It comes with felting wool in 40 bright colors, so you can create just about anything imaginable. It also comes with all of the tools you’ll need to begin the craft, including felting needles, scissors, finger cots, foam pads, and some fun accessories to make your works stand out.

This comprehensive set is perfect for more than just needlework, however. It’s also great for dry and wet felting, jewelry and dryer ball creation, wool painting, and more. If you’re interested in any type of wool craft, it’ll get you going efficiently and affordably.


  • This kit comes with keychains, bells, and more, so you can easily transform your creations in a variety of ways
  • Considering everything it includes, it’s sold at a very reasonable price
  • Everything arrives organized in separate but compact packages, so you can easily stay organized from the start


  • Doesn’t come with instructions for any specific project

Imzay Needle Felting Tools

Everything but the Wool

Grab this convenient, well-made tool pack and to build the needle felting kit you've always dreamed of.
Best Tools

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If you’ve already got your felt, this Imzay tool kit is extremely convenient. It comes with 60 felting needles, ensuring you’ll have the type you need every single time. It also comes with the wooden felting tool, a convenient pair of snipping scissors, an awl, finger protectors, foam pads, glue sticks, and more.

This set is made with quality in mind. For example, its felting pad is thicker than most and is made to last through years of use, and its finger pads are made of real leather. It all comes conveniently organized in a plastic box as well, so you can find the pieces you need without taking time away from your actual creation process.


  • Each needle set comes in a plastic case for safety and organization
  • The felting tool works with needle sizes 1 -8


  • Doesn’t come with instructions, but it does suggest appropriate uses for each needle size to help you being your felting journey

QMNNMA Needle Felting Kit

Cupcakes, Clovers, and Creatures, Oh My

This extensive kit gives you all the wool felting supplies you need, as well as a set of stencils that'll lead to a wide variety of cute creations.
Most Versatile

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This set is perfect for those who want to be able to create anything and everything. It comes with all of the supplies you’ll need to begin the needle felting craft, as well as the pieces you’ll need to make your works stand out from the rest.

This set includes 50 colors of wool, covering bright and neutral shades and everything in between. It comes with needles in a variety of sizes, felting tools, scissors, snips, tweezers, finger protectors, a felting mat, and much more. One of its most outstanding components is its multiple felt molds and stencils that allow you to easily create shapes of all kinds.


  • This set includes bells, keychains, and more to make your work stand out
  • The supplies work well for wet felting, wool painting, and more, so you can extend your crafting abilities when you’re ready to learn something new
  • Everything comes organized in a plastic carrying case for easy use


  • This large of a set may feel overwhelming for beginners, but it also provides everything you’ll need as you grow in the craft

Kissbuty Cactus Needle Felting Kit

The Cutest Cacti Creations

Make an adorable succulent garden that never needs water with this perfectly themed needle felting kit.
Best Themed

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Sometimes, the easiest way to start a new craft is with a kit that contains a specific purpose and instruction set. This needle felting kit from Kissbuty helps you create eight adorable succulents, and it’ll help guide you through every step of the process.

This set comes with a foam mat, three needles, and foam guards to protect your fingers from accidental pokes. The includes wool is of the merino variety, making it pure and safe for every member of the family to enjoy.


  • The instructions make this kit perfect for anyone who’s just starting out
  • The succulents are adorable and detailed, making them perfect to gift or keep for yourself 


  •  The company states that the needles are fragile, so if you’re just starting out with felting, you may need extras to complete your craft

ZXIIXZ Animal Needle Felting Kit

Craft a Cuddly Kitten

This small set will help you make an adorable little pal, and it's sold at a cost that's easy to justify when you're starting a new hobby.
Best for Testing Out

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It doesn’t always make sense to spend a lot of money on a new craft when you’re not sure how much you’ll enjoy the actual process. Luckily, this kit from ZXIIXZ is small and simple, and it’s available at a fraction of the cost of larger sets.

This needle felting kit comes with the materials and instructions needed to make an adorable little kitten. It includes felting supplies such as a foam mat and needles, as well as the wool, googly eyes, and glue that the cat needs to look its best. Its instructions explain each step in detail to set you up for success on your very first felting attempt.


  • This set comes in ladybug, rabbit, and dog versions if cuddly kittens aren’t your thing
  • The creation can be a gift, a children’s toy, or anything else you’d like it to be


  •  This set is finished after the one craft, but it’s still a great way to find out if you enjoy needle felting 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Which supplies are necessary to begin needle felting?

A: If you’re just starting out, you will want a kit that comes with wool, needles in various sizes, a foam pad to complete the process on, finger protectors, and some sort of small scissors to clean up your work once it’s finished.

Q: What age can needle felting kits be introduced to kids?

A: Since there are sharp tools involved, these sets are best for children who are a bit older and have a level of self-awareness that will protect them from hurting themselves while crafting.