The Best Maternity Leggings in 2024

Expecting moms know the struggle of finding leggings that fit right and feel good during pregnancy. The Lululemon Align High-Rise Pant comes highly recommended for its comfort and support. Our guide lays out the best maternity leggings to ease your search, featuring top-notch qualities like breathability and flexibility. Discover your perfect pair here!

Types of Maternity Leggings and Features to Look For

Regarding maternity leggings, there are two main types: over-the-bump and under-the-bump. Look for comfortable waistbands, stretchy and supportive fabric, and breathable and moisture-wicking materials for added comfort during pregnancy.

Over-the-bump vs. Under-the-bump

Choosing the right waistband in your maternity leggings is crucial for your comfort and the health of your growing baby. Over-the-bump leggings offer full coverage, stretching up and over your belly to provide extra support as you progress through pregnancy stages.

They’re a snug embrace for your bump, often made with stretchy materials that grow with you without slipping or rolling down.

On the flip side, under-the-bump styles sit just below your belly, giving less pressure on the midsection while supporting from below. This style can be especially appealing earlier in pregnancy or for those who prefer less material covering their stomach.

It’s also a cooler option if you run warm or live in a hot climate, ensuring breathability throughout wear.

Comfortable waistband

Expecting mothers know the importance of a comfortable waistband in maternity leggings. A snug yet flexible waistband can be the difference between feeling supported and squeezed as your belly grows.

Look for options with a wide, stretchy band that gently hugs your bump without digging in or rolling down. This allows you to move freely and stay comfy no matter how much your baby bump changes.

Moving on from comfort, let’s consider another vital aspect: the legging material must be stretchy and supportive to keep up with prenatal yoga sessions and grocery store runs.

Stretchy and supportive fabric

Moving from the waistband to the fabric itself, it’s key that maternity leggings flex with your body’s changes. The best maternity leggings blend stretch and support to stay comfortable throughout pregnancy.

These fabrics grow as your bump grows without sagging or losing shape, ensuring a snug fit from months one through nine.

In addition, supportive material keeps everything in place while still allowing you freedom of movement, whether running errands or embarking on a prenatal yoga session. Fabrics that provide this balance are essential investments—they make all the difference in the daily comfort and long-term wearability of maternity wear.

Breathable and moisture-wicking

Finding the right maternity leggings means choosing a pair that keeps you cool and dry, regardless of weather or activity level. Breathable and moisture-wicking materials are essential to manage sweat and maintain comfort throughout your day-to-day tasks.

They allow air to flow freely, ensuring you feel fresh longer without any clammy sensation often caused by less breathable fabrics.

Leggings with moisture-wicking properties draw sweat away from your skin, leaving you feeling dry even during a workout or on warmer days. This feature is especially important for pregnant women who may experience increased body temperature and sweating due to hormonal changes.

JOYSPELS Women’s Maternity Pants

Perfect fit

Over-the-belly yoga pants with pockets for comfortable pregnancy.
Best Overall

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  • Over-the-bump maternity pants for full belly coverage

  • Versatile design allows for the belly panel to be folded down or pulled up for maximum support

  • Comfortable fabric made of 80% Nylon and 20% Spandex

  • Elastic closure for easy wear and flexibility

  • Machine washable for easy care

  • Suggest sizing up to provide more space for growing bump

For expecting mothers who value comfort without sacrificing style, the JOYSPELS Women’s Maternity Pants emerge as a top contender. Designed to accommodate growing bellies easily, these pants feature an over-the-belly panel that provides snug support while adapting to body changes throughout pregnancy. The addition of pockets is thoughtful, offering convenient storage for essentials—a must-have for mamas on the go.

Made from stretchy yet durable fabric, these bootcut yoga pants are versatile enough for casual outings and work environments—giving new and expecting moms one less thing to worry about when dressing up. Plus, their rumba red color adds a splash of vibrancy to the maternity wardrobe palette. So, you can breakaway from the monotony of neutral tones typically associated with pregnancy wear.

Chosen as a top pick in our list due to their blend of style and convenience, JOYSPELS Women’s Maternity Pants stand out as more than just leggings. They’re an indispensable item crafted with care for prenatal comfort and postnatal longevity. They strike that elusive balance between coziness and chic allure that pregnant women desire but rarely find. The transition these pants provide from early pregnancy to motherhood makes them a great choice.


  • Comfortable over-the-belly design for support during pregnancy

  • Stylish bootcut yoga pants perfect for work or casual wear

  • Convenient pockets for carrying essentials

  • Available in a fashionable rumba red color and a range of sizes


  • Limited color options

  • Fabric may attract lint and pet hair easily

  • It may be too long for shorter women

Attention all expecting mothers! Are you looking for comfortable, stylish maternity pants that can keep up with your active lifestyle? Look no further than JOYSPELS Women’s Maternity Pants, specifically designed to provide support and versatility during your pregnancy. Say goodbye to uncomfortable waistbands and hello to these over-the-belly yoga pants with pockets. Upgrade your wardrobe today and enjoy the best of both worlds: fashion and functionality. Order now for a comfortable pregnancy journey!

Motherhood Maternity

Comfy and stylish

Ultimate comfort for expecting mothers with over-the-belly leggings.
Runner Up

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  • Made in Guatemala with high-quality materials

  • Easy pull-on closure for convenience

  • Imported design for a unique look

  • Machine washable for easy care

  • Comfortable fabric blend of 87% cotton and 13% spandex

  • Designed specifically for motherhood comfort

Crafted for comfort and style, Motherhood Maternity’s Essential Stretch Secret Fit Over the Belly Leggings offer expecting mothers a seamless blend of support and flexibility throughout their pregnancy journey. These leggings cater to a broad spectrum of body types, ensuring every expectant mom finds her ideal fit. The ‘Secret Fit’ belly panel is designed to grow with you. It’ll offer gentle yet firm support over your baby bump without sacrificing an ounce of fashion.

Constructed using quality stretch fabric that smoothly contours the body without constricting movement, these leggings maintain their shape even after repeated washes—a testament to their durability. For new moms seeking practicality and ease-of-wear, this product’s attention to detail becomes obvious. From running errands to prenatal yoga sessions, they provide all-day comfort. They’re also simple enough to pair with various tops for effortless styling transitions. The single or double packs also offer value-conscious options for your maternity wardrobe.

Securing our No. 2 spot on the list reflects how well Motherhood Maternity has managed to merge functionality with subtle elegance in these leggings—satisfying essential decision-making factors like comfortability, adaptability across pregnancy stages, and overall value. They stand as an excellent choice for expecting moms who demand day-long wearability alongside graceful simplicity that adapts right alongside them—and that’s why we’ve deemed them a top pick among maternity apparel essentials.


  • Provides essential stretch for comfortable wear during pregnancy

  • Features secret fit over the belly design for added support

  • Available in a range of sizes from XS to 3X

  • Comes in both full-length and crop-length options for versatility


  • Limited color options

  • May be too long for shorter individuals

  • Material may not be as durable as desired

Our Motherhood Maternity leggings are perfect for expecting mothers who want comfort, style, and versatility. With the Secret Fit over-the-belly design, these leggings provide support and coverage throughout pregnancy. Whether you prefer full-length or crop-length, these XS-3X sizes in classic black are a must-have for any mom-to-be. Treat yourself to the ultimate comfort during this special time with our Motherhood Maternity leggings!

HOFISH Women’s Maternity Leggings

Stay active

Comfort and style for active moms-to-be.
Best for Exercise

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  • Pull-on closure for easy wear and comfort

  • Made with 80% Polyester and 20% Spandex for a stretchy and form-fitting feel

  • Can be machine-washed or hand-washed for convenience

  • Imported fabric for quality and durability

  • Designed specifically for maternity wear

  • Available in the women’s department

Embrace comfort with HOFISH Women’s Maternity Leggings, tailored to see you through the journey of motherhood. These leggings are a staple for active expectant moms, designed with seamless over-the-belly support that eases pressure on your growing bump. The army green color offers a chic alternative to typical maternity wear, bringing an edge of fashion-forward thinking to your prenatal wardrobe.

Crafted from non-see-through fabric, these yoga pants assure privacy and security no matter how you move – perfect for yoga sessions or daily errands. Their softness is unmatched, providing stretch without constriction, thus promoting circulation and reducing swelling often experienced by moms-to-be. Users have shared stories of wearing them beyond their workout routines due to the comfort they offer throughout the day.

Ranked third in our list for their exceptional balance between functionality and everyday convenience, HOFISH’s maternity leggings have also earned high praise for durability- many report retaining shape even after repeated washes. This feature makes them a wise investment as they hold up against frequent usage from the nesting phase’s organizing spurts and baby-prep activities. These leggings don’t just fit well; they become an essential part of prenatal life by blending seamlessly into physical activity regimes and leisure time relaxing at home.


  • Over-the-belly design provides support and comfort for a growing baby bump

  • Non-see-through material ensures confidence during workouts or everyday wear

  • Soft, stretchy fabric allows for flexibility and movement

  • Versatile use for yoga, workout, or casual wear


  • Limited color options

  • May be too long for shorter women

  • Some customers reported pilling after multiple washes

These HOFISH Women’s Maternity Leggings are perfect for expecting mothers who value comfort and style during pregnancy. With its soft material, these leggings are ideal for active moms-to-be who want to stay comfortable while running errands. Upgrade your maternity wardrobe with the best leggings on the market – try out HOFISH now!

Spanx Mama Look at Me Now

Pull-on and go

Flattering, comfy, and versatile; just what you need.
Most Convenient

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  • Pull-on closure for easy and convenient wear

  • Made of a comfortable fabric blend of 91% nylon and 9% spandex

  • Designed with the mama in mind for a flattering fit

  • Imported from high-quality materials

  • Easy to care for, simply wash cold

  • Available in a variety of sizes to suit every body type

Spanx has done it once again with their sleek ‘Mama Look at Me Now’ leggings that redefine comfort and support for new and expecting moms navigating the changes in their bodies. These high-waisted seamless leggings, offered in a black shade, promise a smooth silhouette thanks to the Slim is Built In™ feature, with a high waistband that sits just below the bust for tummy control and no risk of muffin-top visibility. They’re designed to accommodate growing bellies while providing all-around shaping. This is a true blend of fashion-forward styling and practicality.

The struggle with fit and shape is cleverly eliminated as SPANX utilizes matte yarn in these leggings – featuring twill knit construction for optimal feel and ensuring they are free from center seams. After all, you don’t want any unwanted camel toe incidents. Caring for these pieces couldn’t be easier; they’re machine washable and lay flat to dry – simplifying laundry day for busy moms on the go. The inclusion of size-specific measurements gives you confidence before purchasing. However, there’s flexibility to return unworn items should you need it.

As one mother shared after slipping into her pair of ‘Look at Me Now’ leggings, “It was like an instant hug for my hips and belly.” This sentiment echoes among many who appreciate how these SPANX leggings adjust perfectly throughout pregnancy and beyond. Whether paired with a top or layered under dresses, expectant mothers can trust this staple wardrobe item to make them feel fabulous. All of this, without compromising comfort or functionality during such a transformative time.


  • High-waisted design provides slimming and shaping effect

  • Seamless construction for a smooth look under clothing

  • Plus-size option available for a comfortable fit

  • Versatile leggings can be dressed up or down for any occasion


  • May feel tight for some users

  • High-waisted design may not be comfortable for everyone

  • Limited color options

The Spanx Mama Look at Me Now leggings are perfect for busy, expecting moms who want comfortable and stylish support throughout their pregnancy. Get yours today and feel confident in your maternity wardrobe!

POSHDIVAH Women’s Maternity Leggings


Feel snug and supported in these comfort-first leggings.
Best Feel

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  • Made with a high-quality blend of 75% nylon and 25% spandex fabric for comfort and stretch

  • Elastic closure for easy wear and a snug fit throughout pregnancy

  • Machine-washable for convenient care and maintenance

  • Imported from China, ensuring quality craftsmanship at an affordable price

  • Designed specifically for expecting mothers, providing support and flexibility all day long

  • Available in various sizes to accommodate different body types and stages of pregnancy.

Expectant mothers searching for comfort and support throughout their pregnancy journey will find a reliable companion in POSHDIVAH Women’s Maternity Leggings. Crafted with an over-the-belly design, these leggings cater to the ever-changing needs of your body, providing a snug yet gentle fit across the abdomen that adapts as you progress through each trimester. Not only do they offer essential belly support, but the breathable fabric ensures you stay cool and comfortable whether you’re mastering prenatal yoga poses or simply running daily errands.

One standout feature is how seamlessly these maternity leggings transition from activewear to casual fashion. The versatility allows for effortless pairing with tunics or workout tops, making them suitable for diverse occasions without sacrificing style or functionality. Mothers have praised the resilient material that maintains its shape after multiple washes—a boon when navigating the frequent wardrobe changes pregnancy often demands.

In addition to practicality, POSHDIVAH does not overlook aesthetics; these leggings in classic black contribute an element of elegance that complements any maternity ensemble. They honor both form and function—qualities every expecting mom deserves during this special phase of life.


  • Comfortable over-the-belly design for support during pregnancy

  • Versatile for yoga, workouts, and everyday wear

  • Soft and stretchy fabric that accommodates a growing belly

  • Stylish and sleek look for a fashionable maternity wardrobe


  • May be too tight or uncomfortable for some women

  • Limited color options available

  • May not provide enough support for larger pregnant bellies

Our POSHDIVAH Women’s Maternity Leggings are perfect for the stylish and active mom-to-be who wants to stay comfortable throughout her pregnancy. With its over-the-belly design, these leggings provide support and coverage while still being breathable enough for workouts or everyday wear. Upgrade your maternity wardrobe with our versatile and fashionable leggings today!

Motherhood Maternity Women’s Essential

Second-skin fit

Delightful cotton and Spandex blend for unmatchable comfort and stretch.
Best Stretch

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  • Made with a blend of 88% cotton and 12% spandex for comfortable stretch

  • Designed with a pull-on closure for easy wear

  • Machine-washable for convenient care

  • Specifically designed for women’s maternity needs

  • Available in a variety of sizes in the Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry department

The Motherhood Maternity Women’s Essential Stretch Secret Fit Over the Belly Leggings offer expecting mothers a combination of comfort and style that adapts to their changing bodies. Designed with a secret fit belly panel, these leggings provide gentle support without constricting, essential as expectant moms navigate the trimesters. The full-length and crop-length options accommodate different climates and preferences, making it easy for women to maintain their personal style during pregnancy.

Crafted from a soft stretch fabric, these leggings ensure flexibility and durability – qualities mothers-to-be will appreciate as they go about their daily routines. Available in sizes ranging from XS to 3X, they cater to a wide spectrum of body types. Additionally, choosing between single or double packs allows for convenience in wardrobe planning. Mothers have praised how these leggings retain shape after multiple washes—an essential factor considering the increased frequency of wear during pregnancy.

Users report back with stories of pairing these leggings seamlessly with tunics or dresses for outings or enjoying them at home for lounging thanks to their versatility and non-irritating seams—a detail not overlooked by those with heightened skin sensitivity. Striking an impressive balance between practicality and prenatal fashion needs, Motherhood Maternity’s leggings are becoming staples in maternity closets across various stages of motherhood—before delivery and even postpartum—as they ease the transition into motherly duties without compromising on self-expression through dress.


  • Comfortable stretch fabric for a perfect fit over the belly

  • Available in both full-length and crop length for versatility

  • Comes in packs of 1 or 2 for convenience

  • Available in sizes XS – 3X to accommodate all body types


  • Limited color options

  • Some customers may find the fit to be too tight

  • The material may not be as durable as other leggings

The ideal customer for Motherhood Maternity Women’s Essential Stretch Leggings is a stylish and expecting mom looking for maximum comfort and versatility during her pregnancy. These leggings are perfect for everyday wear, whether running errands or lounging at home. Upgrade your maternity wardrobe with our best-selling leggings!

Leggings Depot Women’s Maternity Leggings

Chic and snug

Work out in style thanks to these fab maternity leggings.
Also Consider

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  • Made of 92% Polyester and 8% Spandex for a comfortable and stretchy fit

  • Elastic closure for easy wear during pregnancy

  • Available in various colors to match any outfit

  • Can be hand or machine-washed with cold water, making it convenient for busy moms-to-be

  • Imported from China with high-quality craftsmanship

  • Designed specifically for pregnant women, providing support and comfort throughout the day

Leggings Depot Women’s Maternity Leggings stand out in comfort and flexibility for the modern pregnant mother. Crafted with an over-the-belly design, these leggings provide gentle support to your growing bump while giving you full coverage and peace of mind during all stages of pregnancy. The stretchy fabric accommodates bodily changes while maintaining shape, ensuring that these yoga tights keep up with your daily activities, from casual outings to prenatal exercise.

The durability and versatile style make these maternity leggings a practical choice for new and expecting moms seeking reliable wardrobe staples without breaking the bank. Their soft texture reduces irritation, allowing women to avoid discomfort as they do their day-to-day tasks or enjoy relaxation at home. Whether paired with a long sweater for a brunch date or an active top for nurturing yoga stretches, they adapt effortlessly to various outfits and functions.

Among the myriad of maternity wear options, Leggings Depot offers this piece as an essential item that keeps quality and cost-efficiency high. Testimonials from mothers-to-be frequently highlight how these leggings have become their trusted companion throughout pregnancy – offering sustained comfort without sacrificing elegance or ease of movement. As leggings are often worn repeatedly, it’s reassuring to know that they can withstand wash after wash, remaining just as comfortable and form-fitting as the first wear – making them sensible and economical choices for both expectant mothers gearing up for joyous arrivals.


  • Comfortable over-the-belly design for extra support during pregnancy

  • Full length for complete coverage and flexibility during yoga or daily activities

  • Made with stretchy, soft fabric for a comfortable fit all day long

  • Versatile black color that pairs well with a variety of maternity tops and tunics


  • May not provide enough support for some pregnant women’s growing belly

  • Fabric may be too thin and see-through in certain lighting

  • Limited color options available

These maternity leggings from Leggings Depot are perfect for expecting moms who want a sleek workout look. They feature over-the-belly coverage and a full-length design in versatile black, making them ideal for any stage of pregnancy. Get your hands on these must-have leggings and stay active during your pregnancy!


Q: What are the best maternity leggings of 2023?

A: The best maternity leggings of 2023 are those that provide comfort, support, and flexibility throughout pregnancy and postpartum. Look for options from brands like Lululemon Align, Belly Bandit, Storq, and more.

Q: Where can I find the most comfortable maternity leggings?

A: For the most comfortable maternity leggings, consider brands like Old Navy, Storq, and Lululemon Align, which offer supportive and soft fabric blends designed for expecting mothers.

Q: Do maternity leggings typically have belly support?

A: Yes, many maternity leggings offer belly support, often through over-the-bump or seamless designs. Look for options specifically labeled as providing bump support for maximum comfort.

Q: Are there maternity leggings available with pockets?

A: Yes, there are various options for maternity leggings with pockets, providing convenient storage for small essentials while on the go. Consider brands like Love the Bump Maternity offering pocket midi styles.

Q: What are the best maternity workout leggings?

A: For maternity workout leggings offering comfort and support during exercise, consider options from brands such as Belly Bandit, Lululemon Align, and others that prioritize movement and flexibility.

Q: Can I wear compression maternity leggings during pregnancy?

A: Yes, compression maternity leggings can provide support and comfort during pregnancy, but it’s important to ensure they are specifically designed for expectant mothers and do not cause discomfort.

Q: Are there any seamless maternity leggings available on the market?

A: Yes, there are seamless maternity leggings designed to offer a smooth and comfortable fit throughout pregnancy. Look for options from brands specializing in maternity wear for a variety of seamless designs.

Q: Where can I find maternity leggings that cater to a growing bump?

A: Maternity leggings catering to a growing bump can be found from brands like Storq, Love the Bump Maternity, and various maternity-specific clothing lines, offering styles specially designed to accommodate a growing belly.

Q: Do maternity leggings come in cropped styles for warmer weather?

A: Yes, there are cropped maternity leggings available for warmer weather, offering comfort and flexibility for expectant mothers. Consider options from brands known for their maternity activewear collections.

Q: Can I find maternity leggings with designs to provide extra support?

A: Yes, there are maternity leggings designed specifically to offer extra support, often featuring unique designs and fabric blends to provide comfort and stability throughout pregnancy and beyond.


When it comes to finding the best maternity leggings, comfort and support are key. Look no further than JOYSPELS Women’s Maternity Pants for full belly coverage and a versatile design that allows for maximum support.

For high-quality materials and ultimate motherhood comfort, Motherhood Maternity is the perfect choice.

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