The Best King Mattress Pads

You've got the spacious bed of your dreams, but now it's time to make it comfy. The right pad can make turn your king-sized mattress into a paradise in no time flat. And with the wide variety of pads on the market today, you can create whatever kind of sleep spot you desire. Below, we've gathered the best of these pads out there so that you can easily find the version that's best for you. Simply read on to create those perfectly cozy nights you've been dreaming of.

Oaskys Mattress Pad

Doze off on cloud nine

This incredible down-alternative-filled mattress pad will give you the ultimate level of cushion while you sleep.
Best Overall

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This mattress pad is an excellent choice for anyone who’s looking to cozy up their king bed. It has a quilted design that’s filled with a down-alternative material to adds tons of cushioning to your sleeping space. Its pattern is square instead of the typical diamond shape for added softness, and the top is made of smooth and breathable microfiber to give you even more comfort.

This mattress pad fits beds of almost any size, as its pocket sides stretch from 8 – 21 inches deep. Plus, it’s easy to clean since you can throw it into both the washer and the dryer.


  • This product is easy to install on your bed with its stretchy elastic edges
  • It comes in all sorts of sizes in case you want to provide other beds in your home with the same cozy feel


  • This pad comes compressed in its packaging, so you’ll need to wash it or let it sit for a few hours after opening to allow it to fluff up to its normal size

Easeland Cooling Mattress Pad

Cozy and cool

This mattress pad is designed to be both breathable and cooling, so your extra layer won't cause you to overheat at night.
Most Breathable

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Hot sleepers unite — we all want to be comfortable while we sleep, but an extra layer of fabric brings about warmer temperatures than necessary. Luckily, this king mattress pad from Easeland will give you extra cushion while helping to keep you cool at the same time.

This cover is made of cotton, which helps keep it breathable throughout the night. It’s filled with down-alternative stuffing in each of its quilted segments for your comfort. It’s easy to put on mattresses of any size, too, as its elastic edges stretch up to 21 inches deep.


  • This mattress pad has more stuffing than average, ensuring it’ll be able to turn even the firmest beds soft
  • It’s machine washable for easy cleaning


  • Shouldn’t be placed in the dryer, but it does dry fairly quickly when left under the sun 

Utopia Bedding Mattress Pad

Bedding on a budget

This comfortable quilted mattress pad is sure to add cushion to your sleep space, and it's available at an affordable price.
Best Value

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Mattress pads are game-changers, but they can come at a high price. This product from Utopia Bedding is as cost-effective as it is comfortable, so you can get a cozy bed without worrying about busting your budget.

This piece is made of microfiber, which is a soft and smooth material to sleep on. Its quilted design is stuffed with fiberfill to give your mattress a bit of extra cushion throughout the night as well.


  • The price is significantly lower than that of other king mattress pads on the market today
  • It’s safe to place in the washing machine and dryer


  • The sides only stretch up to 16 inches deep, so it may not be the best choice for the thickest mattresses

Minoroty Waterproof Mattress Pad

Wonderfully worry-free

These king mattress pad keeps you cozy while protecting your bed from stains at the same time.
Most Protective

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Between sheet sets, comforters, mattress pads, protectors, the accessories for your new bed can add up quickly. This multipurpose option from Minoroty takes two off your list, pulling double-duty as both a cozy mattress pad and a waterproof barrier for your bed.

This piece is made of soft and breathable cotton, and it’s filled with an impressive 30 ounces of stuffing to keep you cozy on even the firmest beds. Its bottom layer is waterproof, but it won’t make plastic, crinkly noises like other covers on the market today. It’ll fit on just about any mattress, too, as its sides stretch from 8 – 21 inches deep.


  • Along with being waterproof, this king mattress pad can protect against allergens
  • It’s machine washable for easy cleaning
  • It’s sold at a fairly affordable price, especially considering its convenience


  • It’s a cover, not an encasement, so it won’t protect the sides and bottom of your mattress from spills

Sleep Zone Premium Mattress Pad

The scientific sleep solution

This king mattress pad has built-in comfort zones, overstuffed filling, and a smooth microfiber surface to keep you cozy all night long.

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If you want to try something new to help you sleep comfortably at night, this king mattress pad from Sleep Zone may be a perfect choice. It has three sections that provide different types of cushion for each part of your body.

Along with its smart design, this mattress has a smooth top to keep you cozy while you rest. It fits on mattresses of virtually all sizes as its sides stretch up to 21 inches deep, and you can choose from white or gray colors to match your room’s style.


  • Considering its unique features, this pad is sold at a reasonable price
  • The padding is thicker than most to provide more cushion while you sleep
  • It’s machine washable and can be placed in the dryer for easy care 


  • This cover is not waterproof, though it does wick away moisture to help you stay cool and dry while you sleep 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Which king mattress pad is best for hot sleepers?

A: Any product with cooling features will help to ensure the additional fabric won’t cause you to overheat while you sleep.

Q: Are mattress pads just for firm beds?

A: No, these covers can add comfort to mattresses of any style. They are often used as a way to soften hard surfaces, however.