The Best Gender Reveal Party Supplies

Finding out you are pregnant is a thrill in and of itself, but the feeling of finding out your baby's gender is its own brand of joy. That's when you can really get down to planning and prepping for your little bundle of joy to arrive. Everyone has a different way of finding out and announcing their baby's gender, but any celebration needs supplies. No matter your theme, our list of the best gender reveal party supplies can help you throw a memorable bash for your growing family.

What to Look For

When you’re searching for the perfect gender reveal party supplies, we suggest thinking about a few things. First of all, consider the size of the party you’ll be throwing and look for a kit that’s sized appropriately. Next, ask yourself what kind of accessories you want. Are you looking for a comprehensive set that includes everything you could possibly need, from balloons to party favors? Or would something understated be a better fit? Finally, consider price. The right option will provide you with what you need without requiring you to spend more than you’re comfortable with. With those criteria in mind, we decided on a few favorites, ranging from Sweet Baby Co.’s confetti cannons to Primepure’s all-encompassing reveal kit and more. To learn more about our favorite picks, simply keep on reading.

Sweet Baby Co. Gender Reveal Confetti Cannons

The wow factor

Make your announcement pop with these fantastic cannons.
Best For The Big Reveal

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If you love to make a statement or put on a show, the Sweet Baby Co. Gender Reveal Confetti Cannons are just what you need. Just point and twist to send a cloud of colored smoke and slow-falling confetti into the air. There are two layers, so the burst lasts longer than many other cannons you can find. They’re an excellent choice for anyone who wants to stand out and give their guests a long-lasting photo-op.


  • There’s enough unrecyclable waste in this world, which is why we love that the confetti and colored smoke packed in these cannons are biodegradable and food grade.
  • Initially, we were concerned about how we’d be able to tell if we selected the gender-appropriate cannon. Thankfully, the color is hidden on the bottom of each cannon to ensure you choose the right ones.
  • It’s designed to release and fall slowly for beautiful pictures.


  • Cleaning up after you pop them indoors can be a tall order.

Ercadio Gender Reveal Cupcake Toppers

Sweet surprises

These adorable cupcake toppers add to the fun and excitement of your gender reveal party.
Best Toppers

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Cake is mandatory at any good party, even gender reveals. We prefer cupcakes because they are easier to make and take less work to transport and serve than a full-size cake. Ercadio Gender Reveal Cupcake Toppers are the perfect final touch to your cupcakes. Besides having both blue and pink colors included, girl and boy labels add a bit of mystery to the reveal. Each one stands up easily with a wooden dowel, so you never need to worry about them falling over or out of the cupcakes.


  • Whether you’re expecting a boy or a girl, both the pink and blue versions are vibrant and glittery.
  • Considering that it comes with 24 cupcake toppers in each set, we think this is a great deal.


  • Only one side is decorated while the back is plain white.

JXHV Gender Reveal Party Supply Starter Kit

Get the party started

This comprehensive party pack gives you everything you need.
Best Party Starter Pack

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Convenience is an important factor for many people. Trying to find a ton of decor for a low price can be time-consuming and frustrating. Skip the hassle and choose the JXHV Gender Reveal Party Supply Kit. In addition to cake toppers and a black gender reveal balloon, you also get a banner, balloons, tablecloth, photo props, and more. With all the basics covered in one convenient kit, you can focus on enjoying yourself and setting up the big reveal.


  • There are 200 pieces in total included in this kit, so it’s perfect for larger parties.
  • We appreciate that it’s not just balloons and signs. There are some fun games and photo props that provide entertainment for your guests.
  • You’ll be happy to note that you’ll have one less item to buy. There are cupcake toppers and cake decorations included for your convenience.


  • The smaller balloons might pop easily.

Primepure Gender Reveal Kit

More for less

Have the gender reveal of your dreams without spending a fortune.
Best Value

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Are you trying to throw an amazing gender reveal party on a budget? If so, the Primepure Gender Reveal Kit is the right choice for you. This kit has everything you need to throw a fun party, all at an affordable price. The set is full of fun, unique designs in vibrant colors with metallic gold accents to add a bit of flair to your festivities. We’re especially fond of the patterned balloons and themed party favors that’ll set your party up for greatness.


  • This is our favorite affordable pick. There are 111 pieces included along with a fun black balloon that hides the gender until you’re ready to pop it.
  • We love that all of the included pieces are high-quality and durable, especially the inflatable “boy” or “girl” balloons.


  • The included dot stickers don’t hold the balloons well, so you will want a ribbon or your own adhesive.

KatchOn Gender Reveal Set

Keep it simple

This kit gives you a headstart toward sharing your news with the ones you love.
Best For Small Gatherings

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If you want a small, intimate party with simple and affordable decor, the KatchOn Gender Reveal Set has you covered. You’ll get all the essentials to kick off your party without spending a fortune. There is a fun photo prop banner, a black reveal balloon, small decor balloons, and both blue and pink ribbons. All you need to do is fill the reveal balloon with the included confetti and get your party started.


  • We think this is an excellent pick for smaller parties. It’s affordable, and everything you need is included.
  • The black gender reveal balloon is big and durable.


  • There are no cake or table decorations are included.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a gender reveal party consist of?

Gender reveal parties usually include cake, games, and lots of balloons, but they all lead up to the main event: the big reveal of whether you’ll be welcoming a baby boy or girl. There are many ways to announce the gender itself. Many people choose to get a cake filled with pink or blue filling. Some go with a confetti cannon or a black balloon filled with blue or pink confetti.

Why should I have a gender reveal party?

Gender reveal parties are often more laid back than the average baby shower. They are also an excellent choice for families who already have kids and have everything they need but still want a way to celebrate their new baby with friends and family. We enjoy how exciting it is for kids to find out if they will have a new baby brother or sister.

Who typically attends a gender reveal party?

This is a largely a personal matter, so it varies. Typically, immediate family, close friends, and other close relatives are invited. Of course, you can make your gender reveal party as large or as intimate as you want.

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