The Best Dress-Up Toy Makeup Sets

Whether you're young or just young-at-heart, playing with makeup is always fun. For little ones who want to be just like us, it can be an almost magical, exhilarating experience to play around with makeup. The key to allowing this type of play is finding a toy kit that'll encourage pretend play and self-expression. Good news, since there is a wide variety of play makeup kits out there. From completely fake to totally real, here are some of our favorites.

FoxPrint My First Princess Makeup Kit

First Makeup Kit

This play makeup set is perfect for smaller, younger children.
Best for Small Kids

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This kit from FoxPrint is the ideal toy makeup set for youngsters just starting to show interest in cosmetics on a pretend-play level. Including brushes, glitter glosses, eyeshadow, and more, this little bag holds all of the accessories for your little one to explore their newfound sense of self-expression. And no worries on safety here — all makeup included is both non-toxic and washable, allowing for full freedom during play and an easy wash-off when done.


  • Helps to encourage self-expression and creativity from a young age
  • Non-toxic supplies
  • Includes a complete makeup set


  • Will need a face wash to remove makeup fully
  • The colors are very bright for parents worried about vibrant makeup on younger children

Toysical Kids Makeup Kit

Vivid Colors and Cute Case

This play makeup case is full of bright pops of colors for older kids to explore.
Best For Bigger Kids

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Including all of the must-have makeup accessories for a complete look, Toysical’s kit comes with bright lipsticks, funky eyeshadows, and more. For older kiddos with better fine motor skills, this set even includes manicure and pedicure tools, brushes and mascaras, and more. Plus, there’s a cute hard plastic storage case to keep everything neat and tidy. We love the inclusion of two tubes of makeup remover to help get faces clean after playtime is over.


  • Great for older children exploring more mature makeup, such as mascara and eyeliner
  • Bright, vivid color choices
  • Carrying case is durable and keeps items organized


  • The included makeup remover isn’t quite strong enough for the brighter colors
  • For smaller hands, the items are a bit tricky to remove from the kit

Kizsbro Kids Play Washable Frozen Makeup Set

No Letting This One Go

This set is the perfect choice for any kiddo who's been enchanted by Elsa and Anna.
Best for Frozen Fans

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For any little Frozen-obsessed tot, this makeup set by Kizsbro is magical. Including a glittery cosmetic case complete with a pretty snowflake adorning the front, this set can transform your child into icy royalty in no time — and it even comes with a crown. With blush, eye shadow, lip glosses, and more, this is a complete makeup set for playing dress-up and experimenting with fun, realistic makeup. Ideal for sleepovers and “Mommy and me” time, all makeup is non-toxic, washable, and totally kid-friendly.


  • Includes sparkly nail polish
  • Sturdy Frozen-inspired makeup box
  • Non-toxic makeup products


  • The nail polish takes a long time to dry
  • The mirror glass is real — and breakable

Make it Up Pretend Play Makeup Set for Children

Just For Play

This make-believe makeup set is completely fake, making it an ideal addition to the dress-up bin.
Best Pretend Set

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Pretend play is essential to childhood development, not to mention childhood fun. Providing children with the tools to aid in pretend play is an important job and should include a wide scope of toys. For playing everything from house to dress-up to putting on theater shows, children delight in makeup play. This set, made to resemble a real one, is the ideal pretend makeup kit. Ideal for families who prefer not to play with actual powders and the like, this set is entirely make-believe– no worries about staining, powdery messes, and gobs of lipstick.


  • Encourages active and engaged pretend play
  • Includes mini bag and brushes, nail polish, powders, and more
  • High-quality tools and compacts that resist chipping and breaking


  • This is a completely fake set, so none of the products contain actual makeup
  • For a toy makeup set, it’s a bit pricey

Meland My First Purse and Makeup Kit

Just Like Us

This pretend makeup set comes with all of the accessories for a well-stocked purse — just like us.
Best Accessories

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For little ones who love to play the grown-up, this play makeup and purse kit is a sure hit. Including all of the typical contents of an adult’s purse, this mini-me version comes complete with a pretend cellphone, credit cards, and makeup. And not to worry — the cosmetics are all toys and won’t transfer onto skin or clothing. Of course, the cellphone is also make-believe, but with over 50 different sounds, phrases, and buttons, it certainly feels real. For little ones with active imaginations, this is a delightful play kit that’ll engage busy tots for hours on end.


  • All items feature rounded edges for safety
  • Accessories fit in purse for easy storage
  • Makeup is not real


  • The compacts are challenging for smaller hands to open
  • The audio on the cellphone is unclear

Frequently Asked Questions

Is makeup safe for children?
While there are certainly toxic makeup kits on the market, it’s possible to find one that isn’t. Or, better yet, some kits look like the real deal but don’t actually work. This way, no makeup is ever actually worn by the child, and there is no risk of toxic substances ending up on your little one’s skin.

What’s the point of pretend makeup kits?
Children love to play pretend, delighting in mimicking everything they see in their day-to-day life. If you wear makeup, chances are they’ve shown an interest in copying what they see. Kids interested in theater may also want to put on their own shows, complete with hair and makeup. It can be a lot of fun to encourage a child’s sense of self-expression, and makeup aids in doing just that. There are a variety of types of play kits that are appropriate for a wide range of ages, from toddlerhood through pre-teens.