The Best Double Curtain Rods

Curtains hung using double rods help add dimension to otherwise plain windows by creating a sense of depth. Ideal for hanging blackout curtains, layers of lightweight sheers, or dense, insulating barriers, double curtain rods are a versatile solution that adds both function and style to your space. There are plenty of updated, stylish looks on the market today that make layering curtains completely on-trend. Check out some of our favorite picks below.

Umbra Twilight Double Curtain Rod Set

Layer up

For creating dimension, this streamlined double rod is an excellent choice.
Best Overall

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While layering your curtains can certainly bump up the wow factor for your windows, if the rod isn’t right, it throws the entire look off — not to mention the function. With the addition of this double rod set, there’s no chance of wrecking a good look. At once classic and trendy, this simple, streamlined set pairs well with sheer curtains or extra thick, blackout-style panels. Either way, we love the sturdy design and functional setup of this double rod system.


  • Telescoping rod fits most window sizes
  • Comes with anchors and all necessary hardware
  • Manufactured from durable metal for stability


  • The anchors are made of less-than-durable plastic but are easy to replace
  • For blackout curtains, this system sits just far enough away from the wall that a little light does come in

Decopolitan Urn Double Drapery Rod Set

Elegant yet understated

Even with its flourishes, this ornate double rod is a classic.
Best Flourishes

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Not that we want to take away from our curtains, but this double rod set stands out in a way that demands attention. Ornate, with a beautiful flourish connecting the two rods, this set can class up just about any window treatment in a way that still feels homey and understated. The result subtly allows for a cohesive look, no matter the room, curtains, or aesthetic. Available in a variety of finishes, we especially love this rod set for layering sheer curtains.


  • Available in matching single and double sets for a complete look on all windows
  • Includes all necessary hardware
  • Resists sagging and pulling from the wall


  • The end pieces are small and inconspicuous
  • Accessories, such as metal tiebacks, are all extra

Sun Zero Bronn Wrap Around Window Double Curtain Rod

Style matters

These matte double rods create a unique look for your curtain needs.
Best Matte Look

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It’s hard to find the ideal matte hardware. Sometimes, a flat look can be lackluster. On the other hand, glossy can be just a bit too, well, glossy. This double rod is a total winner. Designed to dampen noise, block out light, and help regulate temperature, this double curtain rod stays close to the wall for an unfussy look we really appreciate. We love the sturdy, industrial look for anything from elegant curtains to a thick blackout system.


  • Simple, industrial look
  • Wraps around the window frame for full coverage
  • Telescoping rod


  • The instructions are lacking
  • Since the curtains are set close to the wall, it can be a bit of a hassle to move the back panels

Amazon Basics Double Curtain Rod with Cap Finials

One for all

This fully customizable option features numerous sizing options for a wide range of needs.
Most Customizable

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Not everyone has the same window, so ordering a standard double rod doesn’t always work. That’s why we appreciate this design. Finding the right double rod for your specific windows is a total breeze with this customizable rod system. Ideal for pairing a heavier curtain with a sheer, this rod system’s simplicity is also what makes it so versatile. The results are streamlined yet eye-catching with an understated elegance that’ll work with just about any aesthetic.


  • Fully customizable rod options
  • Simple, elegant aesthetic
  • Adjustable width to the wall for better fit for a wider range of windows


  • Best for lightweight curtains
  • The included brackets aren’t the most durable

MinCHI257 Wrap Around Double Curtain Rod Set

Create your cave

For the darkest sleeping quarters, a blackout-friendly double rod is a must.
Best For Blackout

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This low-profile design is ideal for blackout curtains. With both rods just a short distance from the window frame itself, there’s little room for light to sneak out between the curtains. Not only that, but both rods are thicker and more durable, which keeps curtains in place without the worry of a sagging center or brackets pulling from the walls. A telescoping bar, an easy install process, and both rods close to the wall make this double rod is an ideal setup, whether you have blackout curtains or not.


  • Low-profile design is ideal for heavy blackout curtains
  • Super easy to install
  • Middle bracket for extra support


  • The surface of the rod is easily scratched and nicked
  • Can be tricky to pull thicker curtains as the two rods are very close together

Frequently Asked Questions

Why get double curtain rods?
Double curtain rods allow for draping two different layers of curtains. That can be useful for creating a certain aesthetic, and it can also be useful for blackout curtains, a sheer, billowy look, or for dressing up just about any space.

What type of curtains do you use on double curtain rods?
Double curtains are excellent for blackout-style window hangings. Because hanging two layers of curtains helps to create dimension, they’re also useful for layering lightweight, sheer curtains with heavier drapes. Additionally, they’re helpful when trying to keep energy costs down — two layers of curtains on each window can create a barrier to help insulate the area.