The Best Crystals For Witchcraft

Although not all witches use crystals, all crystals have a place in witchcraft. Whether you're looking for a bit of spiritual protection or a boost in confidence, there's one for you. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and finishes, too. One thing we've noticed, though, is that it's often tricky to figure out which ones are real and which are painted or artificial. That's where this list of the best crystals for witchcraft comes in handy. Read on to check out some of our favorite options.

Tesh Care Healing Crystals Kit

Magical menagerie

This fabulous set includes high-quality crystals for a great price.
Best Overall

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Whether you’re trying to add variety to your already awesome stash or starting from the ground up, this healing crystal kit is a fabulous choice. It includes seven beautiful crystals and a handy card that makes identifying them a breeze. We love the stunning amethyst cluster because it does a great job at focusing energy, and we think the rose quartz pendulum would be a fantastic addition to your arsenal of divination tools. As a bonus, you can wear the chakra oil-diffusing bracelet on the go whenever you need a little pick-me-up.


  • The set includes a little sachet of dried roses that you can use for cleansing
  • Everything comes in a neatly organized box that’s perfect for storing your crystals or gifting
  • You get a simple guide with your set that helps you learn how to use your stones


  • Some of the crystals have been “color-enhanced” with dye
  • Because these aren’t tumbled, they can be sharp or rough on your skin

Sunyik Mini Chip Crystal Bottles

Fantastically fun

Get started down the right path with this versatile starter kit.
Best For Beginners

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You may be wondering how you can include crystals in your spells and workings, especially the ones that require you to seal them away or bury them. You don’t want to throw out your big, pricey stones, right? That’s where this versatile selection of chip crystal bottles comes in. You’ll get nine mini bottles, each one filled with tiny crystals. You can use them in all kinds of work, including spell bottles, cleansing, and protection. The set itself is so pretty that you can also choose to leave them all intact on your altar or as display pieces.


  • The bottles are reusable
  • We find them useful for both our magic and in our crafts, such as candles and other pieces
  • This set is very affordable


  • They are dyed, although that doesn’t necessarily take from their usefulness
  • The sets are random, so you can’t choose which stones you get

The Chrysalis Stone Selenite Stick

Charge and cleanse

This multifunctional must-have is perfect for every altar or crystal collection.
Best Selenite

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Selenite is an absolute must-have for every altar and crystal collection. You can use it in several ways, but the most popular by far is to clear and cleanse your space, your work, and other crystals. It’s great to have pieces placed around your home, and we always keep a nice flat piece somewhere convenient so we can set other crystals on it as needed. These ones from The Chrysalis Stone are an excellent example. They’re beautiful and completely natural. The pieces are bigger than most and flat, making them easy to use for almost anything.


  • You don’t need to remember to clear these or cleanse them since they are thought to have that property themselves
  • It’s easy to break them into smaller pieces, so you can use one of these sticks for several purposes
  • The price is fantastic


  • The sizes vary quite a bit, so you can get one as small as six inches or as large as nine inches
  • Selenite is fragile and often breaks up during the shipping process

Rockcloud Natural Raw Crystals

Natural variety

Untapped power and unlimited potential make this set a great find.
Best Bulk Buy

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Raw stones are full of unlimited potential. That’s why we adore this set of natural crystals from Rockcloud. When you order this bulk package, you get a full pound of assorted, all-natural, undyed crystals. They can include red jasper, tiger’s eye, green aventurine, labradorite, and more. You can clean them up and polish them to make jewelry or gifts or leave them rough when you want to feel closer to nature. On the other hand, if you happen to love one, or a few, more than others, you can buy those individually in bulk, as well.


  • None of the stones are dyed or enhanced with any chemicals
  • There are tons of options, from assorted mixes to bulk packages of your favorites
  • They come with a little bag to help you keep them organized


  • These stones are natural and come to you rough, which means sizes can be way different, and they may be dirty
  • You can’t make them smooth and shiny without a tumbler

General Gemstone Natural Crystal Pendulum

Simple divination

Stretch your metaphysical muscles and intuition with this gorgeous pendulum.
Best Pendulum

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As you start learning your craft and tapping into your intuition, you’ll want to branch out and find new ways to practice. There are many options, including runes, tarot and oracle cards, and other tools you can use based on your training and culture. They’re all unique and have their benefits, but we find the easiest one to start with is the pendulum, and these natural crystal ones from General Gemstone are the perfect example. Sturdy chains securely hold gorgeous stones that you can use to answer yes and no questions and more.


  • There are 15 crystal options to help you choose one that resonates with you
  • We love the low price
  • Its compact size makes it super portable


  • We wish it were a little more durable
  • It doesn’t come with a pendulum board or cloth

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use crystals for my witchcraft?

Using crystals in your practice is thought to help you better focus your energy and create stronger intentions. We find small chip crystals ideal for spell bottles and jars, and they are a great addition to spell candles. Big clusters can hold your bracelets and jewelry for charging or cleansing, and small raw stones are fantastic for carrying around with you.

Should I avoid enhanced crystals?

Enhanced doesn’t always mean fake. Some suppliers like to add some color to their stones to help them look a little brighter or more colorful, but that doesn’t make them useless. For example, rose quartz is gorgeous, but it often blends in with clear quartz in its natural state. For that reason, a little pink dye can be added to help it stand out.

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