The Best Covers for Your Futon

A futon makes for a nifty addition to your home. This space-saving piece of furniture has two different functions: when upright, it provides a comfortable seating space, similar to a couch; however, when you put it down, the futon transforms into a bed so your guests will have a place to sleep when they stay over. But, the futon mattress isn't always the most beautiful, and it may not match the rest of your home's decor. To fix this problem, you can use a futon cover. These slip over your futon and completely change its appearance. They're typically simple to install, too, so you won't spend a ton of time making your futon look better. There are several different types of futon covers available, so we created this list of a few of the best ones available on the market. Read on to see what we discovered.

Easy-Going Stretch Futon Slipcover

Colorful Comfort

With so many options available, it's easy to find a futon cover that'll look great in your home.
Best Overall

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You’ll love the way your futon looks when the mattress is covered in this slipcover. The soft material is a polyester/spandex blend with a little bit of texture to it. It’s available in so many colors. You can select from fun, bright colors such as orange and purple, or stick with classics such as beige or coffee. No matter which one you go with, it’ll look great.

Once it arrives, you’ll be able to install this futon cover in about ten minutes by yourself, but it’ll go a bit faster if you have another set of hands to help. When it’s in place, it’s strong enough to protect the mattress underneath. If your futon cover ever gets dirty, you can easily pull it off and run it through the washing machine. It’ll come out looking good as new.


  • Elastic bottom gives the futon cover a snug fit, so it’ll stay in place no matter which position it is in
  • Simple to care for if it gets dirty
  • Easy to install: you just drape it in place, pull it down, and adjust the fit to look perfect


  • Not a waterproof fabric, so if you have little kids who spill frequently, you might not be happy with the level of protection.

Futonfurnitures Solid Color Futon Cover

Zip, Zip, Done

Thanks to its simple zipper design, this futon cover is so easy to put on.
Easiest Install

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If you’re looking for a futon cover that’s easy to install, go with this one. It unzips almost the whole way around, making it nice and wide. Then you slide your mattress in and zip it shut. You won’t have to deal with stretching or pulling to get it into place.

Once it’s installed, this futon cover holds up well. It’s a durable fabric, made from 100% polyester Poplin. There are a dozen different colors you can choose from, so you can pick one that’ll complement any room in your home.


  • Versatile design that can work on futons with arms or without arms since it doesn’t attach to the frame at all
  • Different sizes available so you can find one for a twin-, full-, or queen-size futon
  • Simple to install in a few easy steps, so you won’t waste time tugging and pulling it into position
  • Strong and durable fabric that’ll last for quite a while


  • The zipper is plastic, so you’ll need to be careful when handling it so you don’t break it.

H.VERSAILTEX Armless Futon Cover

Stays in Place

You won't constantly be tugging this futon cover back into position since it has nice elastic bands at the bottom.
Best Stretchy

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Some futon covers slip and slide all over the place. You just get them situated and then someone comes and sits down. When they get up, the cover is all tilted and awful-looking, so you spend a few minutes making it look nice again. It’s a vicious cycle, but thankfully this futon cover can help you break it. The thick elastic bands at the bottom really keep it in place. Additionally, the material is stretchy, so it has a quick recovery after being sat on. It’ll save you so much time and help keep your home looking better.

You can get this futon cover in several different colors. Whichever one you go with will be soft to sit on and will hold up well without getting wrinkly. When the time comes, you can pull it off and machine-wash it on cold.


  • Easy maintenance, so you don’t have to keep track of complicated washing instructions
  • Fits snugly, so it won’t keep sliding down when you use the futon
  • Soft material that actually feels good when you sit on it
  • Thick material that doesn’t let the mattress pattern underneath shine through


  • This is one-size-fits-most, so you’ll want to measure your futon carefully before you buy to make sure yours will fit

OctoRose Full Size Bonded Micro Suede Futon Cover

Kidding Around

If you've got kids, you'll appreciate how strong and durable this futon cover is.
Best with Kids

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Moms know how hard kids can be on furniture. If you’ve got active kids in your house, you’re going to want this slipcover. It’s made from bonded micro-suede, which is very strong, so it can hold up to kids jumping on it. The material is even water-resistant, so it’ll give you a little more time to clean up spills before they soak into the fabric.

This durable futon cover is simple to install. There’s a zipper on three ends, so once it’s open you can slide the mattress in. Once it’s zipped, your mattress underneath will be protected from whatever life throws at it. And when it needs to be cleaned (and let’s face it, it will need to be washed if you have kids), you can unzip it and wash the cover. It’ll come out looking great.


  • Very durable design and material, so it’s perfect for homes with active kids
  • Great colors and patterns available
  • Easy to care for, which is important for busy families

H.VERSAILTEX Reversible Futon Slipcover

Two Colors, One Price

Tired of how your futon looks? Flip this cover over and change things up again.
Best Reversible

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If you find yourself getting bored with your home decor, this futon cover can help. It’s reversible, so when you’re ready for a change, you can simply turn it around. It’ll keep things looking fresh. The material is quilted and feels very soft, but it’s also durable. It’s a good fit for homes with pets since they won’t be able to poke their sharp claws through this fabric.

This futon cover doesn’t use chemicals, so you can feel good about having it in your home even around your kids and pets. It goes on easily and has a strap to help hold it in place. The strap is adjustable, so you can achieve a perfect fit on your futon. The strap also makes this cover easy to remove, so you can toss it in the washer if something spills on it or it gets dirty.


  • Reversible design, so each one features two different colors
  • Water-repellent material that can help protect your furniture from spills
  • Eco-friendly product that uses natural dyes instead of chemicals


  • Unless you have a tiny futon, this isn’t going to entirely cover the mattress. It protects the main sitting area, but doesn’t wrap around the sides and bottom like some others do. So if you really hate the design underneath, you may want to go with another cover first and then use this on top for protection.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you wash a futon cover?

One of the benefits of using a futon cover is that you can take it off and wash it if it gets dirty. Most futon covers are machine-washable on cold. Unless your cover’s care directions indicate otherwise, you’ll want to use a gentle detergent and a delicate cycle. Then, you can either hang it up to dry or put it in the dryer on low.

Are futon covers waterproof?

Most futon covers are not waterproof. If something spills, the liquid can still soak down into your original mattress, so you’ll want to be careful. However, there are a few futon covers made from water-repellent or water-resistant materials. These are a bit thicker, so it will take longer for liquids to seep through. If you see something spill, you can quickly clean it up before the mattress is damaged. However, you’ll want to remove the cover and get it cleaned so the moisture doesn’t keep sitting on the material.