The Best Coin Counters

Saving your coins is an easy strategy to put away some extra money. It's simple to empty your coins into a jar at the end of each day and watch your savings slowly grow, but eventually, you'll want to spend some of your coin savings. And when that day comes, you've got a potentially laborious task ahead of you. While you can dump the jar and sort the coins by hand, there's a much simpler solution: use a coin counter. This tool will help you quickly organize your coins and see how much money you've managed to save. To help you spend more time counting your blessings and less time counting your beans, here are a few excellent coin counters.

Budgetizer Coin Counters & Coin Sorters Tubes

Color Coded

You'll be able to quickly sort and wrap your coins with this colorful set of coin counter tubes.
Best Overall

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Once you sort your coins, these coin counter tubes are a cinch to use. They are color-coded to make the counting process simple. You drop the quarters into the orange tube, add your dimes to the green one, place nickels in the blue one, and put your pennies in the red one. Each tube is perfectly sized for that currency.

As you add coins to the correct tube, there are slots you can look into. This tells you when each tube is full. Once it is, it’s time to prepare your wrapper. You pop it open and place it over the top of the tube. Then, you flip the whole tube over. This sends the coins sliding down into the wrapper. Seal the other end when the final coin comes out, and you’ve got a full roll ready to go.


  • Comes with 100 coin wrappers (25 each for quarters, dimes, nickels, and pennies)
  • Durable plastic material that’s strong and will hold up to a lot of use
  • Can tell at a glance when each tube is full so you won’t waste any time guessing
  • Budget-friendly method of counting coins


  • Everything is manual, so you’ll need to spend a lot of time touching your money to sort it and drop it into the correct tubes

Royal Sovereign 1 Row Hand Crank Coin Sorter

Turn the Crank

As you slowly turn the crank on this coin counter, all the change that you dumped into the top will get sorted into the correct spots.
Best Hand-Crank

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If you’re looking for a less hands-on method for getting your coins into wrappers, give this little machine a try. You can add up to 200 coins into the hopper at the top. Then, you slowly turn the crank. As the machine spins, it sorts the coins by size into the correct tube so that you can wrap them. If you place a wrapper in each tube before you start, the coins will drop down into it so you can easily pull them out and seal the roll when it’s full.

This coin counting machine features a compact design that doesn’t use any electricity, so it’s a solution that’s good for the environment. When you’ve finished counting coins, you can close the protective door. This will keep dust and debris from getting into the unit. That way, it’s ready to go when you’ve got another pile of coins.


  • You can dump in unsorted money and it’ll sort  it for you
  • Simple-to-fill wrappers if you get them prepared before you begin
  • Only weighs 3 pounds, so you can move it around from one stash of coins to another
  • Removable plastic coin tubes help make it easy to get your rolls out


  • Occasionally you’ll have a coin go into the wrong slot. You’ll want to pay attention as they come out so you don’t wind up with a roll that’s not accurate
  • You’ll need to hold the machine down as you spin the crank, which can take a bit of strength

Royal Sovereign 2 Row Electric Coin Counter

Show Me the Money

You'll quickly be able to see how much money you've sorted with this coin counter.
Best Automatic

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You’ll be able to quickly count and sort your coins with this coin counter. You can place up to 400 unsorted coins in the hopper. Then, you push the “Run” button. The machine will automatically sort your coins and deposit them into labeled tubes. There are two tubes for each denomination, so you’ll be able to fill two rolls of each at a time. As the coins get deposited into the wrappers, the digital display keeps track of how much money it has processed.

Without having to go back and count your rolls, you can quickly see how much money your coins were worth. And oh boy, you don’t need us to tell you how satisfying it is to watch that number go up. You can also push a button and see how much of each particular coin you’ve processed. It’s interesting to see which coins you had the most of in your collection.


  • Simple to use, so you won’t waste any time pre-sorting your coins before counting them
  • Has two rows, so you can fill two rolls of each type of coin at the same time
  • Anti-jam technology works pretty well and helps keep the machine running smoothly


  • It only comes with two rolls for each type of coin, so you’ll need to buy some more to go with it
  • You can easily overload the hopper if you just dump your coins all in. Take a little bit more time and add them a few handfuls at a time instead to help prevent jams

Cassida C200 Coin Sorter, Counter & Roller

The Machine Age

Dump your coins in, hit start, and watch as your money automatically gets sorted, organized, and wrapped.
Best With Wrapper

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Do you enjoy using those fancy machines at the bank or grocery store that quickly process your coins? Well, this machine isn’t nearly as large, but it works just as well, and you won’t have to pay anyone a percentage fee for the privilege of using their machine.

With this coin counter, you plug it in and dump your coins in at the top. The large hopper can handle up to 2,000 coins, so it’s the perfect solution if you have a large jar of change. This machine can process up to 300 coins a minute, too. Before you hit the button, make sure you put wrappers into each tube. The preformed ones that come with this coin counter work the best and are the easiest to use. When you’re ready, push the button and let the sorting begin. As each roll fills, stop the processing and add a new tube. Then let it go some more. As you sort, the digital display will show how much money you’ve sorted.


  • Extra-large capacity hopper so you won’t have to repeat the process as often
  • Comes with 100 wrappers (25 each for pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters) so you can get started right away
  • Has an auto-batch feature that’ll automatically stop the machine when each tube is full, so you can replace them and get it going again quickly


  • Short power cord, so you’ll need to be fairly close to an outlet to make it work
  • Loud when it’s in use. You’ll hear a lot of clanking and clinking

Winnsty Coin Piggy Bank Saving Jar with Coin Counter

(Not Just) Kidding Around

Encourage your kids to start saving their own coins with this digital coin counter jar.
Best for Kids

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Saving your spare change is a useful and positive habit. To help encourage your children to save, buy them this coin counting jar. It’s not very expensive, but it can help them learn to save. Each time they add a coin, the value on the display increases. They’ll be able to see at a glance how much money they can save just by hanging onto their loose change. This coin counter also has a plus and minus button, so if your child removes some coins to go buy something, they can subtract the amount. If they add a dollar bill, they can add that in manually. This way the total amount displayed reflects what’s actually in the jar.

This coin counter is made from a durable ABS plastic. It’s a very kid-friendly material, so you won’t have to worry as much about it breaking. It’s also large, so your child can save between 800-1000 coins before it’s full.


  • Simple to use so that your children can add coins on their own and see how much money they’ve saved
  • Good for kids and adults, so consider getting one for each member of your family
  • Runs on 2 AA batteries, so it doesn’t have to be plugged in


  • You’ll still need to sort and roll these coins yourself since this machine only does the counting

Frequently Asked Questions

How many coins go in each roll?

Each roll has between 40-50 coins inside. Pennies require 50 coins for each roll, giving you a value of $0.50. A nickel roll is full at 40 coins for a value of $2.00. You’ll need 50 dimes to fill a roll for a value of $5.00. And, you’ll need 40 quarters to produce a full roll that’s worth $10.00.

Can I take my rolls of coins to the bank to exchange them for cash?

You’ll want to check with your bank on this one. Each branch may have its own rules or requirements, so make sure you follow their directions carefully. For instance, some banks will only let customers exchange rolls of coins for dollars. Others may prefer you to bring in loose change and use their machine to do the processing. This really varies from bank to bank.