The Best Baby Proofing Essentials

Take a look around your home. There are uncovered outlets, doors, table corners, drawers, cabinets, and so much more. You may be asking yourself what all of these mundane things have in common. The answer is simple: they can all hurt your baby. Outlets are magnets for tiny fingers and doors can pinch a baby's fingers or even allow them to escape and wander outside. Drawers and cabinets can slam and corners can poke an eye out. So, what can you do? You can baby-proof your home, of course. Check out our list of the best baby proofing essentials available today.

CalMyotis Baby Proofing Corner Guards

Simple Convenience

An excellent choice for protecting your little one from sharp corners and edges.
Best Corner Protector

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Do you know what’s all over your home that can be very dangerous for your baby? Tables. There are tables all over your home. Coffee tables, dining tables, bedside tables, end tables, and more, and unless they are round, there will be corners involved. Corners can scratch your baby, give them a big goose egg, or even poke them in the eye. Prevent those problems with the CalMyotis Baby Proofing Corner Guards.

These corner guards are compact and easily installed. The clear finish helps them blend right into your decor so you aren’t stuck with an ugly eyesore. That is important because the more something stands out, the more your child will want it. The high-powered adhesive keeps each guard in place, and if the baby does fall, they will prevent any major injuries. Don’t take our word for it. Check them out for yourself.


  • They are small and clear in order to blend in with your existing aesthetic
  • The price is very affordable
  • Each guard has a powerful adhesive already on each side and they will stay stuck once installed
  • Installation is quick and easy for your convenience
  • They can be used on the corners of any piece of furniture


  • Older toddlers can figure out how to remove them given enough time

Mommy’s Helper Outlet Plugs

Classic Design

Cover up those outlets with these simple outlet covers.
Best Outlet Plug

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In case you didn’t know, electrocution is dangerous. It can injure or even kill a child. That is why outlet covers are almost always one of the first things seasoned parents recommend to new moms and dads. There are a ton out there, though, so it can really get tough to find just the right ones for your home. That is why we want to help by recommending the Mommy’s Helper Outlet Plugs.

These outlet plugs fit into all standard outlets perfectly. In addition, each cover is large enough to cover the entire outlet and not just the actual holes. That makes it harder for little fingers to pry them away or go around them. The simple design makes them extremely easy to install, and once placed, you never need to worry about them falling out on their own.


  • These outlet covers are super affordable
  • There are 36 per pack, ensuring you always have enough for your home
  • Installation is easy and you don’t need tools or adhesive
  • They fit a lot better than many of the competing products


  • These plugs aren’t as durable as we would like

Jool Baby Child Safety Strap Locks

Better Safe Than Sorry

Keep your baby out of dangerous appliances and off-limits areas with this lock.
Best Safety Strap Lock

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Safety strap locks are one of the most versatile and helpful baby-proofing tools you can have in your parenting arsenal. A good set can keep any appliance closed, keep furniture safely anchored, and prevent your toddler from getting out of the door. Get the best for your baby by getting the Jool Baby Child Safety Strap Locks.

These locks are quickly and easily installed using a heavy-duty 3M adhesive, which is known for holding securely and leaving your furniture and appliances undamaged. They can be used for keeping your baby out of the fridge, toilet, washing machine, cabinets, and more. Use them all over the house for a wide variety of purposes. They are completely adjustable, easy for adults to figure out, and too secure for babies to circumvent.


  • These locks are very versatile and you can move them as needed
  • The simple design blends in well with existing decor
  • Your baby will not be able to open them or get through them, so you can feel more secure in knowing they are safe
  • Installation only takes seconds, and once removed, there will be no damage left behind


  • Each set only includes 4 locks and you will definitely want more

Inaya Complete Baby Proofing Kit

The Versatile Option

This large set of baby-proofing essentials removes all of the guesswork.
Most Inclusive

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Personally, we love to pick and choose our products one by one to suit a specific purpose. However, it is often much more convenient and economically feasible to buy things in a packaged bunch. That is why we think you will really love this affordable and convenient Inaya Complete Baby Proofing Kit.

This kit includes everything you need to get started on baby-proofing your entire home. It has 6 strap locks, 10 clear corner guards, 8 invisible cabinet locks, and 16 outlet plug covers. It is all installed with a high-quality adhesive tape that keeps it all secure and safe for your baby. No tools are needed and there will be no damage left behind, either. In addition to helping you baby-proof your home, this kit also makes a fantastic gift for any new parent. Take a look for yourself.


  • This 40-piece kit does a great job of getting you started on safety
  • It is easy to get everything installed and won’t take long at all
  • Everything is either white or clear, so it always fits in with your home, no matter how you decorate
  • This kit is suitable for kids up to 5 years old
  • It is packaged and ready for gifting


  • No instructions are included

HNYYZL Finger Pinch Door Guards

Cute and Affordable

Protect your baby's fingers and toes from slamming doors with these adorable animals.
Best Pinch Guard

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Have you ever had a door slam on your finger? It’s super painful, right? Well, we wouldn’t want that to happen to your baby. They could end up with broken fingers, bruised feet, or worse. So, let’s keep them safe and get these cute little HNYYZL Finger Pinch Door Guards for all of the doors in your home.

The guards are simply designed, easy to install, and adorable. Each one looks like an adorable animal. They include a butterfly, monkey, giraffe, cow, tiger, ladybug, and seal, so your child is find more than a few they like. The bright colors help you keep track of where they are, and perhaps more importantly, they keep kids aware of their location. They fit doors of all sizes, as well, making them extra convenient.


  • These guards are cute and easily visible
  • There are 7 included, which is generally enough for most of the doors in your home
  • Using door guards can prevent injuries for babies, toddlers, kids, and even adults
  • The price is very reasonable
  • They fit all door sizes


  • Their foam construction is not very durable

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need to baby-proof my home?

Baby-proofing your home can prevent injury and even death. For example, every year there are 2,400 children on average who end up in the hospital being treated for injuries that happen when they stick a finger or object into an outlet. That is an easily preventable accident that just requires a few outlet covers. You never think it’ll be your child until it is your child.

Will baby-proofing prevent all injuries to my child?

Baby-proofing is meant to deter your child and keep them safe until you can get to them and remove them from danger. It does not replace proper supervision. Even if your home is perfectly baby-proofed from top to bottom, you will still need to keep a close eye on your child and redirect them from dangerous objects. Always keep a close eye on your children.