The 5 Best Pacifier Clips

Your baby is all set happily sucking on their pacifier. Until it falls out of their mouth and hits the disgusting ground. And now you have to clean it again before you can pop it back in their mouth. Many moms can relate to this tale of dropped pacifiers. Or can recall a favorite one that got lost somewhere. If you're hoping to prevent dropped or lost pacifiers, you need a pacifier clip. These are designed to attach to the pacifier and keep it close by so your baby can always reach it if they need to self-soothe. Pacifier clips are so handy, but there are a ton of choices. To help you make your decision, here are five of the best.

Babygoal Pacifier Clips, 6 Pack Pacifier Holder for Boys and Girls Fits Most Pacifier Styles &Teething Toys and Baby Shower Gift 6PS19

Cute Color Options

These pacifier clips come in a variety of stylish colors and patterns.
Best Overall

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You and your baby will adore these stylish pacifier clips. They’re made from polyester fabric and are easy to clean. The clips hold tight and don’t damage your child’s clothes. You can select between plastic, metal, and silicone clips. These pacifier clips are safe for your baby. They are BPA, Phthalate, latex and lead free. They are CPSIA certified, and safe to use with babies of all ages. You can easily attach your child’s favorite pacifier to these clips. They’re even designed to work with most of the pacifier styles tha have a ring. They truly fit a large variety of pacifiers. You can also attach teething toys, burp clothes, or anything else you want to keep close at hand.


  • Multiple clips per pack
  • Adorable designs
  • Fit a variety of sizes of pacifiers


  • The fabric is a little stiff, so it can take some time to attach the pacifier

Pacifier Clip Holder for Boys + Pacifier Case by Bubble Pleasure – 4 Pieces Pack – Unisex Universal Designs Pacifiers Clips, Newborn Baby Gift Set, Best Cute Soothies Pacifier Holder for Girl Boy

Comes with a Case

This set of four pacifier clips come tucked into a cute case.
Runner Up

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These pacifier clips are the perfect length. They measure 11.2 inches, which works well for most babies. The metal clip grabs tightly. The polyester fabric is durable and easy to clean.  Washing won’t change the color or make it fade. These pacifier clips feature four different patterns, one on each. The included case is perfect for travel, you can tuck an extra pacifier and clip inside just in case you need it along the way. It fits neatly in a diaper bag without taking up a ton of space.


  • Comes with a case
  • Great length
  • Durable fabric


  • An active baby can pull them off

TYRY.HU Pacifier Clips Silicone Teething Beads BPA Free Binky Holder for Girls, Boys, Baby Shower Gift, Teether Toy, Soothie, Mam, Set of 2

Silicone Beads

This pacifier clip is made from safe silicone beads, so your baby can safely chew on it.
Best for Teething

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In this giftable box, you’ll receive two pacifier clips. Each of them are made from BPA free silicone beads. The beads are textured to help provide relief to sore gums. These pacifier clips are perfect for teething babies. And you won’t have to worry about your baby putting these in their mouth. They are safe for chewing. They are BPA, PVC, phthalate, lead, and metal free. These clips are easy to clean if they drop on the floor. You can simply wipe them down with a disinfectant pacifier wipe, or clean them with soap and water. The colors on these pacifier clips are soothing, and work perfectly for babies of any gender.


  • Soothing colors
  • Safe for chewing
  • Pack of two


  • Hair and dust stick to silicone easily so you’ll need to clean these frequently

Liname Pacifier Clip for Boys with Bonus Teething Toy – 4 Pack Gift Packaging – Premium Quality & Unique Design – Pacifier Clips Fit All Pacifiers & Soothers

Cute Teething Toy

With this set, you get four pacifier clips and an adorable teething toy.
Best with Toy

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The designs on these pacifier clips are so cute. They have a modern flair, utilizing geometric shapes in the patterns. You will receive four clips, each with a different design. They’re made from premium materials, so they hold up well to daily use. The clip is strong and durable. The plastic teeth easily attach without leaving any holes on the fabric. There are no tags, so you won’t have to worry about your baby getting scratched by one. Pacifier clips can also be used to keep small toys nearby so they don’t get thrown onto the floor. This set comes with a matching turtle teething toy. It provides a gentle texture f0r your baby to chew on.


  • Modern design
  • Comes with teething toy
  • Durable


  • The metal clasps can be hard to open at first

Babygoal Pacifier Clips for Girls, 6 Pack Pacifier Holder Fits Most Pacifier Styles & Teething Toys 6MP05

A Set of Six

You'll have plenty of pacifier clips to choose from with this set.
Best on a Budget

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With six different pacifier clips to choose one, you can almost select a different one each day of the week. This inexpensive set will provide plenty of pacifier clips without breaking the bank. There are a few different color options, with cute patterns like lemons, owls, and plain colors. You can decide if you want metal clips or plastic ones. Both are safe for baby, as they’re BPA, Phthalate, latex and lead free. These are universal, as they fit most pacifier styles. They even work with pacifiers with rings on the top.


  • Pack of six
  • Inexpensive
  • Can select between metal and plastic clasps


  • Baby shouldn’t chew on the metal clasp

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you use a pacifier clip?

Pacifier clips can help keep your baby’s pacifier off the ground. When you’re ready to use one, select the one you want. Then, attach the clip end to your child’s clothes. The clip will be either metal or plastic. It will have teeth to help it grip. Do the gripping carefully to avoid poking your baby. Now, attach the other end to your child’s pacifier. Whenever your child is ready to suck on the binky, it’s within reach.

How do you clean a pacifier clip?

Since your baby will have the pacifier clip in their mouth, it’s a good idea to regularly clean them. You can wipe them off with a pacifier disinfectant wipe, or clean them in soap and water. Either way, let it dry completely before letting your baby have it again. Most pacifier clips come in packs of more than one. That way you can always have one available while the other is getting cleaned.

Can my baby chew on the pacifier clips?

Some pacifier clips are meant to be chewed on, and others are not. If you have any questions about your particular clips, be sure to check the directions that came with yours. As a general rule of thumb, babies shouldn’t chew on metal. So if there’s a metal clip, it’s best to keep that out of your baby’s mouth. If the rest of the pacifier clip is made out of materials that are safe for chewing on, your child can do so. Chewing on pacifier clips can help reduce teething pain.




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