The Best Kids Piano Keyboards

It's never too early to get your child to pick up a musical instrument. Whether as a hobby or vocation, music can enhance kids' creative capacity, improve their hand-eye coordination, and even foster confidence in other areas of life. And among all the potential instruments one can learn, the piano may be the most effective of all at imparting these skills. But full-size pianos can be expensive and difficult to accommodate -- which is why you should consider investing in one of these electronic keyboards instead. Coming in more compact -- not to mention more affordable -- packages than traditional pianos, but featuring the same rich sounds, they make it easy to learn the ropes and will turn your young one into a little Mozart in no time.

M Sanmersen 37 Keys Piano for Kids


With tempo control, eight tones and rhythms, and 37 keys, this little piano comes with all the features your child needs to prepare themselves for the real thing.
Best Overall

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If you’re looking for an electronic piano that was specifically designed with young learners in mind, you can’t do better than this offering from M Sanmersen. With 37 keys that have the look and feel of those on a full-size instrument, the keyboard more accurately represents what it’s like to actually play the piano than other models on the market. To that end, the keyboard also features eight different tones, so you’re aspiring Mozart can acquaint themselves with various instrumental sounds at a young age. Finally, they can also record and listen back to any songs they create, which also helps enhance their practice and build musical muscle memory.


  • Great value for price
  • Compact size
  • Also includes microphone


  • Batteries and power adapter not included
  • Only one speaker

aPerfectLife Kids Keyboard Piano

Pint-sized player

Coming in two fun colors and a compact form factor, the aPerfectLife keyboard is sure to ignite your littlest one's passion for piano early.
Best For Youngsters

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Little fingers need little keys, which is why this model from aPerfectLife is the perfect option for especially young learners who might have trouble handling a full-sized electric piano. The model is extremely compact, making it easy for your little Beethoven to play on his or her lap, and comes in two different color accents, so you’re sure to find one that fits their taste. It also comes equipped with eight tones, eight rhythms, and 11 demos — enough variety to keep them entertained for hours on end.


  • CPC safety-certified
  • Made with non-toxic materials
  • Comes with USB power cord


  • Very small size
  • No mic or stand

RenFox 61-Key Electric Piano Keyboard with Music Stand

Ready for the big stage

For slightly older kids who can handle a full-size keyboard and stand, the multifunctional RenFox piano is an ideal choice.
Best With Music Stand

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If your musical prodigy is ready to upgrade to a full-size keyboard, this electric piano for RenFox makes for an ideal transition instrument as they work their way toward something more professional. With a total of 61 keys, it’s just as comprehensive as a professional model, but still includes playable sounds, rhythms, and demos that encourage young learners to explore their particular musical style and tastes. Also, unlike many other kids’ pianos out there, this one comes with a stand, allowing your child to get a feel for what it’s like to sit and play, just like a pro.


  • Flexible, dual power supply
  • Audio jack for streaming your own music
  • Also includes mic and sheet music stand


  • Not super durable
  • Speakers could be louder

Alesis Melody 61 MKII Digital Keyboard

Play like a pro

Older players can take their skills to the next level with this full-size, feature-rich keyboard from Alesis.
Best High-End

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Learning to play the piano on your own can be tough, but the Alesis Melody makes it surprisingly easy. The electric keyboard package is basically a virtual piano teacher, complete with 300 built-in sounds with layering and split modes, 300 built-in rhythms for playing along to, 40 demo songs, and even two months of free unlimited live classes from TakeLessons. Combine that with several other tools that are included with the piano — including a stand, a stool, and headphones for playing in private — and you have yourself everything you could possibly need to become a pro.


  • Also includes microphone
  • Record mode lets you save your songs
  • Stand is collapsible


  • Somewhat expensive
  • Sound is subpar

Reditmo Toddler Toy Keyboard

Piano prodigy

With its big keys, bright colors, and fun sounds, Reditmo's toddler keyboard demonstrates that it's never too early to start your little one on the piano.
Best For Toddlers

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It’s never too early to introduce your kids to the piano, which is why we recommend Reditmo’s keyboard for especially young learners. The simplified model is appropriate for children ages three to eight, and incorporates a ton of features that will enhance their learning and entertain them along the way, including funs sounds, demo recordings, and a detachable microphone. Importantly, though, it does have a realistic keyboard, which will help prepare them to play a standard-size piano when they grow up.


  • Has stand and stool
  • Good for early-life training
  • Bright color scheme


  • Not for advanced education
  • Some plastic parts feel cheap

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should kids learn piano?

Learning to play an instrument is a worthwhile pursuit for people of any age, but it’s especially beneficial for young ones. Studies show that playing an instrument can improve kids’ mental health, strengthen their motor skills, enhance their creative capacity, and even improve their self-esteem. In particular, the piano is a good choice for this — its large number of keys and combination of chords helps encourage memory retention and other forms of learning. Some experts recommend starting piano lessons for your child as early as 6-years-old.

Which keyboard is right for my child?

Keyboards come in all shapes and sizes, and which one is right for your child will depend on both their skill level and age. Since especially young learners may find it difficult to play a standard-size piano, it’s smart to start them out on a simplified version with more compact keys. Older learners may advance to 61- and 88-key keyboards, and may also benefit from other learning tools, such as educational apps and virtual lessons. In general, digital keyboards may be a better choice than full-sized pianos for users who are still learning, since they’re more affordable and in some cases easier to play.

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