5 Palate-Pleasing Parfaits for Babies of All Ages

Tired of preparing or buying simple purees for baby? Reinvent them by making flavorful, interesting, palate-pleasing parfaits! 

The concept is simple: combine a sweet fruit puree with creamy, tart plain yogurt (Greek is best!) and add a crunchy element such as crumbled cookies, granola, or chia seeds, if desired. You’ll be amazed at how marrying a few simple ingredients can transform baby’s snack or breakfast into an explosion of healthy, tasty goodness!


There’s no tried and true rule to preparing parfaits; simply use ingredients that baby loves (and that you know are healthy for them!). As a general rule of thumb, combine all the ingredients following a 1:1 ratio, but this can always be modified depending on baby’s preference or age. Let your culinary imagination run wild by experimenting with a variety of flavour combos and textures. You can rest assured that they will keep baby happy and excited about snack time!

Here are some delicious, healthy recipes that are great for babies of all ages (and not to mention, for moms and dads too!).

Raspberry Chocolate Chia Pudding Parfait (10+ months)


Apple Crumble Yogurt Parfait (6-8+ months)


Honey & Orange Infused Pear Parfait (12+ months or 6+ months if omitting honey)


Mango Banana Parfait (6+ months)


Italian Style Cookies n’ Cream (12+ months or 6+ months if omitting honey)


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