15 Easy Cocktail Recipes

Looking for some creative drink ideas for your next party? These easy-to-mix cocktails make a festive occasion even merrier! Try one of these recipes at your bash.


Orange Essence Cocktail Recipe

Orange Essence Cocktail RecipeA fruity, sweet way to ring in the new year or celebrate any occasion, this cocktail has bright, citrus undertones and goes down smooth. Try it as a luscious party treat, and your guests will thank you (no one has to know that the recipe is super easy!)


Learn how to make an Orange Essence Cocktail here.


French Royale Cocktail Recipe

French Royal Cocktail RecipeThis luscious, berry-licious, sparkling cocktail makes a fabulous and special drink for any party. Serve it at a New Year's bash or any festive occasion. This simple recipe only requires a few ingredients.


Learn how to make a French Royale Cocktail here.



Peppermint Martini Recipe

Peppermint Martini RecipeA great winter cocktail, this refreshingly minty, creamy drink will be a hit at your New Yea'rs Eve bash or any party you throw this season. Just a few ingredients makes a beautiful and delicious cocktail that will impress your guests.


Learn how to make a Peppermint Martini here.



Debutant Cocktail Recipe

Debutante Cocktail RecipeThis bubbly cocktail gives your party a special sparkle. Ring in the new year with this light and refreshing drink and give your guests something to talk about.


Learn how to make a Debutant Cocktail here.



Hot Buttered Rum Recipe

Hot Buttered Rum RecipeThis winter, warm up on chilly evenings with a steaming, comforting mug of Hot Buttered Rum that imparts a tantalizing aroma you won't be able to resist. An excellent alternative to a standard chilled cocktail, you can even serve a pot of this at a party (like New Year's) or as an after-dinner drink.


Learn how to make a Hot Buttered Rum here.

Elderflower Champagne Cocktail Recipe

Elderflower Cocktail RecipeEven the most inexperienced bartender can handle this one! St. Germain is an elderfower liqueur that gives any cocktail a delicate and mildly sweet flavor. Add some bubbly and this is a great last-minute sparkling drink to serve at any party.


Learn how to make an Elderflower Champagne Cocktail here.

Apocalyptic Punch Recipe

Punch Cocktail RecipeWith a gorgeous pink hue, and a delicious bright and fruity flavor, this is the perfect drink to serve at a party. Mix up a big batch of this recipe for New Year's Eve or serve during cocktail hour at any gathering. Your guests are sure to be happy (whether or not the world ends).

Learn how to make an Apocalyptic Punch here.


Rose Spritzer Cocktail Recipe

Rose Spritzer Cocktail RecipeSipping a sweet and sparkling cocktail with a vibrant ruby red hue is the perfect way to ring in the new year! Make this in mere minutes with an easy recipe; it's perfect as an after-dinner drink, or for any cocktail party.


Learn how to make a Rose Spritzer here.



Nutty Russian

Nutty Russain Cocktail RecipeThis creamy, sweet cocktail makes a great drink to serve at a party. Try this recipe at your New Year's Eve bash or on any special occasion.


Learn how to make a Nutty Russian here.



Pomegranate Champagne Cocktail Recipe

Pomegranate Champagne Cocktail RecipeA sweet sparkling wine made from Muscat Canelli grapes, Biltmore Pas de Deux, makes an excellent champagne cocktail. This drink puts fruit forward with honeysuckle, orange, strawberry and lemon notes on both the nose and palate. Make this recipe for your New Year's bash or any party for an easy guest pleaser.


Learn how to make a Pomegranate Champagne Cocktail here.

Citrus Mulled Wine

Mulled Wine RecipeWhen winter evenings chill you to the bone, warm up with a with scents of warm spices and bright citrus. This is also a great cocktail to serve at a winter party—try it on New Year's Eve!


Learn how to make Citrus Mulled Wine here



Caramel Apple Martini Recipe

Caramel Apple MartiniThis sweet, luscious cocktail tastes like a carnival dessert and will put your guests in a celebratory mood at your next party. Try this drink on New Year's Eve or mix up this recipe for any special occasion.


Learn how to make a Caramel Apple Martini here.



Bellini Cocktail Recipe

Bellini Cocktail RecipeA fresh and sweet sparkling cocktail, this party drink imparts tantalizing, bright flavors, and the recipe is a cinch to make!


Learn how to make a Bellini here.



Gingersnap Cocktail Recipe

Gingersnap Cocktail RecipeWhat's better than a cocktail that tastes like your favorite cookie? This sweet drink with a mild kick makes and excellent party treat you can serve on New Year's or any special evening. Try this recipe this season.


Learn how to make a Gingersnap Cocktail here.



Raspberry Champagne Cocktail Recipe

Raspberry Champagne CocktailThis fizzy champagne cocktail is a bubbly treat for New Year's that will start your new year right. Two simple ingredients make it an easy recipe to serve at your party. Your guests will love this drink! Happy new year!


Learn how to make a Raspberry Champagne Cocktail here.