10 Easy (& Delish) Chicken Instant Pot Recipes

You guys, chicken cooked in the Instant Pot is so juicy and delicious. So I’ve been all about finding new chicken Instant Pot recipes to try out. Chicken is something I always have on hand — my kids will actually eat it!

In case you haven’t tried it, an Instant Pot is an all-purpose appliance that combines the convenience of a Slow Cooker with the speed of a pressure cooker. That means you can whip up one-pot meals in minutes. And here’s the thing: It’s totally safe. I know, old school pressure cookers were not exactly safe but these modern electric pressure cookers are just as safe as your Slow Cooker.


When cooking chicken in the Instant Pot, use the natural release setting. This means you’ll wait for the pressure to come down on its own and let the lid unlock. I’ve found that the chicken turns out incredibly moist and tender this way.

Ready to try it out? Check out this round-up of chicken Instant Pot recipes — and get inspired!

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