A Hearty Dahl Recipe the Meat Loving Husband Will Love


It’s a funny thing trying to get an ‘all veggie’ meal into a meat-loving husband. Mine, for one, will eat a veggie meal but boy, oh boy, sometimes it takes all my creative energy to make it still seem like ‘dude food’. That’s where this easy dahl recipe comes in. It’s thick, it’s chunky and it’s seriously YUM!

In fact, our whole family LOVES a good dahl – my two little guys included. I’ll often make a double batch and freeze it in containers for the lunchboxes or pop a sheet of puff pastry over the top and serve it as a veggo pie. We’ve even had it for brekkie with a runny egg smooshed on top. Perfect.

Do give this a go and don’t be surprised if the whole family wants seconds.

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