Fast & Fun Meals with Crispy Chicken Strips


As a mom, I’m always looking for fun and creative ways to spend time as a family; but I also need those ideas to be simple. One of the most special moments for us is dinnertime because we are all home together. So tonight instead of the usual meal where I prepare and serve everything neatly on a plate, I thought it’d be fun to get everyone in on the action so they can design their own plate with funny faces and creative designs. 


 Colorful food on table

While Kai was doing his homework, I chopped up the veggies and fruit, boiled some spaghetti noodles, and tossed the Tyson® Fully Cooked Crispy Chicken Strips into the oven for 20 minutes. I put all of the colorful ingredients in their own bowls and placed them on the table. 

I’m a very health conscious mom, and I’m extremely particular about what foods I serve my family. Everything on this table is good for you, including the white meat chicken strips, which are made from 100% all-natural ingredients. Best yet, the chicken doesn’t have any added hormones or steroids. (I love this because I only want the best food for my family. Food = fuel!)

 Colorful veggies in bowls

Here are some color ideas:

  • Red: cherry tomatoes and peppers
  • Orange: mandarin orange slices and carrot peels
  • Yellow: mini sweet peppers
  • Green: celery, cucumbers, and lettuce
  • Blue/Purple: blueberries
  • Brown: crispy chicken strips with homestyle breading

It was fun to play with our food. While we were creating our masterpieces, we nibbled. I normally have to nudge Kai to eat his veggies. Tonight, he happily did it on his own. Score for mom! 

Child's Hands Making a Face out of Food on a Plate

Mom and Son at Dinner TableWoman at dinner tableMother and Son at dinner table talking

Check out some of these fun designs we made:

 Food Shaped Like a BoatFunny Food Face 2Food Flower Design PlateFunny Food Face1

How do you add color to your kids’ plates?

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