Biscoff RK Treats

Chocolate Chip Biscoff Rice Krispies Treats Recipe

One of our favorite portable summer treats are crunchy, sticky Rice Krispies bars. They are full of flavor, and my whole family loves them. I’ve been making Rice Krispies treats since what feels like the beginning of time, and over the years I’ve flavored them this way and that. Sometimes I like to add peanut butter, other times chocolate, sometimes both. Since Biscoff spread—the spicy speculoos cookie butter—became popular I’ve started using that in our treats. It gives the Rice Krispies a delightful warm, spicy kick that is a welcome change from the classic flavor. I also add mini chocolate chips for a little something extra. The kids never complain about that!

Here is how you can make these terrific treats for your next summer gathering. When you’re on the go, wrap up them in aluminum foil and you’re all set!

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