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Healthy Dessert Recipes With Avocados

Do you often crave desserts, but the thought of too much sugar or dairy intake stops you from savoring your favorite sweet treats? Well, you can now enjoy your favorite desserts without any worries. Avocados are the way to go if you want healthy desserts that also satisfy your sweet tooth.

Surprisingly, avocados are one of the best dessert ingredients because of their creamy texture. Due to its richness, it blends well with everything, even chocolates, giving you a healthy dessert that you can enjoy anytime.

1. Avocado Chocolate Mousse

Ready in minutes and delicious in taste, this healthy dessert recipe has a rich, silky, smooth texture that will pleasantly surprise you. And if you are wondering about the taste of avocados, they blend in so well that their presence is hardly noticeable.

2. Avocado Brownies

 avocados recipe
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You can easily make irresistibly fudgy chocolate brownies with avocados. Loaded with healthy fats, these brownies can be eaten any time of the day without remorse and shared with your kids as well.

3. Avocado Ice Cream

This ice cream is green in color, but don’t fret, as it is a creamy, vegan, and paleo-friendly homemade healthy dessert. Enjoy your ice cream anytime with your kids without worrying about calorie intake or sugar rush.

4. Avocado Mint Fudge Bars

 avocados recipe
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Give your unhealthy chocolate bars a healthy twist with avocado, banana, coconut oil, peppermint, maple syrup, and cacao nibs. These fudge bars are so addictive you will make them over and over again. We can guarantee your family can’t get enough of this healthy snack!

5. Avocado Pound Cake

Are you bored of making the usual cake flavors for your kid’s birthday? Then try preparing an avocado pound cake this year. The sweet and nutty delicacy will be a crowd-pleaser at your kid’s birthday party. It will also pair well with your evening tea.

6. Chocolate Avocado Cake

 avocados recipe
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This is another healthy dessert recipe that you can make for your kid’s party if they want something chocolaty for the occasion. It’s a rich, moist, and decadent cake that will be a crowd-puller. You can bake them on any occasion and enjoy them to your heart’s content.

7. Avocado Truffles

Make these truffles for a sweet treat whenever you want. You won’t get the taste of avocado in the truffles, so pop one in your mouth without hesitating. Moreover, this healthy dessert recipe doesn’t have heavy cream, so you can have as many as you want.

8. Avocado Cookies

 avocados recipe
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Have a color-themed party? Then look no further than these cookies. Avocados will give them a hint of green, making them perfect for such parties. You can also make them for your daily sweet treat. These cookies are loaded with chocolate chips and pistachios, making them nutty and indulgent in every bite.

9. Avocado Paletas

Paletas or ice cream pops are the best way to beat the heat. With avocado as the base, this is a healthy dessert that your kids can enjoy any time of the day, as they also have coconut, milk, honey, and lime juice, which is good for you and your little one’s health.

10. Avocado Cheesecake

 avocados recipe
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If your family loves cheesecake, they will surely love this new variant. Add avocados to your regular cheesecake base, and you will have a lovely, rich, nutty, light dessert ready to be devoured (perfect for St. Patrick’s Day).

Apart from these, you can make many healthy dessert recipes like banana muffins, chocolate cupcakes, chocolate peanut butter pudding, and avocado frosting. So, grab some avocados and make these healthy dessert recipes for your loved ones. And do let us know which ones were your favorite in the comment section below. Also, if you have more healthy dessert recipes, share them below.

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