This Roasted Veggie and Bacon Pasta Bake is Easy Peasy & Extra Cheesy

This roasted veggie and bacon pasta bake is sponsored by Heinz and their new range of pasta sauces, but all thoughts and opinions including recipe ideas and meal suggestions are my own.

This recipe also appears on Kidgredients.


Weeknight meals don’t have to be tricky- this roasted veggie and bacon pasta bake is easy to make and can be split into stages so you don’t have to do it all at once. This means it can be finished up until the final bake and then quickly finish it off in the oven at dinner time!

The flavours of the veggies get so sweet and delicious when roasted. You don’t even have to add any oil to them for roasting as the bacon fat drips through the veggies and keeps them moist whilst imparting lots of flavour.

We’ve used the Heinz Tomato and Garlic Bolognese Pasta sauce in this bake and it really makes the dish. It’s the perfect way to make this dinner taste amazing. The sauce also helps to make this a doable weeknight meal, and we all know that weeknights are super busy, with kids activities going on.


The best way to serve this: pop it in dish that goes oven to table and serve it from the centre of the table! Then everyone can reach over and help themselves to a portion that they want…(and grab seconds or thirds).

We’ve been having lots of fun with the new Heinz range of pasta sauces, and also made this yummy cheesy chicken and broccoli lasagne. It’s a perfect way to have a creamy lasagne mid-week. You should also check out our super easy one pan special veal parmigiana.

So what are you waiting for? Get this on the table tonight!

Full recipe is below. For more info on how to make delish and kid-friendly homemade meals using Heinz’ new pasta sauce range, head here.

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