10 Foodie Mums You NEED to Be Following on Instagram

Did you know that Instagram is more than just somewhere to keep up with pugs and hedgehogs? I mean, without undermining the immense value of the hedgehog, there are also lots of super-cool mums just quietly making awesome food for the kids, keeping their young charges alive and well. So I thought I would put together a list of these foodie mums you guys can turn to when you have lost the will to prepare another snack, make another dinner or pack another lunch box. They will help you, listen to them.


Instagram Mums - a healthy mum


If you want your insta feed to be full of lunch box suggestions, hearty recipes and toddlers standing on kitchen counters then our Stace is your girl. She cooks a mean pancake, loves to know exactly where her tapioca is from and uses avocado to stick sushi rice together. Beautiful images, gorgeous food, lovely soul.

Instagram Mums - live it do it


Do you like pictures of beaches and cute kids and mums in cool clothes? Me too! This toxin-hating, sugar-free blogger who feeds her kids ‘crap free’ food has the goods. And the recipes. Check Cass out, you may just love her as much as I do. 

Instagram Mums - Fat Mum Slim


Although not exclusively a foodie blogger, Chantelle rocks a Thermomix cake recipe like no other, she has this great knack for making food that could be a bit boring a lot of fun. You just need to take a look at her Australia Day ice-cream cake for the proof. Plus, and this is kind of more important than anything else, Chantelle is a mum-cheerleader of sorts who will make you feel like you’re doing a great job because she radiates high fives.

Instagram Mums - Jacobs food diaries


Absolutely mind boggling food art that may not be that achievable for your average bear but will certainly make you realise the diversity of food children can eat. It motivates me, not to create food art but to, you know, feed my kids and stop whining. Because if she can make a recognisable cartoon character out of smoked salmon, I can find the energy to make a peanut butter sanga.


Instagram Mums - Katie 180


This gem of a woman speaks all sorts of food and parenting truths. Like,  if your kid only eats sandwiches, that’s cool. Just make really good sandwiches with proper sourdough, real butter and organic spreads. Genius right? Especially coming from a qualified nutritionist. She is interested in facts over fads and eats a fair amount of cake. And also, she likes to post videos of herself dancing in her undies, so I love her lots.

Instagram Mums - Veggie Mama


A straight-talking food-blogging mum who enjoys obscure pop culture references and deep fried tofu. Stacey’s entire account is basically just an ode to food, heavy on the veggies. Lots of laughs, lots of honest and lots of vegetarian family meal ideas. She’s a keeper.

Instagram Mums - Aimeeats


Food stylist, scientist and nutritionist Aimee crated an adorable A-Z cookbook called Baby Pip Eats after introducing solids to her little girl. She shares her tips for healthy and whole foods, beautifully styled pictures of her daughter’s meals and lots of tips on breastfeeding nutrition. Because mums need good food too.

 Instagram mums - One handed cooks


If you want a heap of recipes that make average snacks a bit more healthy then this one’s for you. The connected blog is full of handy things like lunch box planners, toddler food, allergies, nutrition and fussy eating. Yup, a whole section on fussy eating. I’ll just leave you with that.

Instagram Mums - Pretty Wee Things  


This meal prepping, breakfast loving blogger is all about nutrition, wellness and pretty things. Her feed is full of fruit, smoothie bowls and tips on toddler eating. She is perky and fun and the type of lady I kinda want to be friends with!

Instagram Mums - Whole Food Simply


It’s like the hippy dessert bar, everything has names like ‘lemon cheesecake’ and ‘caramel mousse’ but the ingredients aren’t exactly what you would find in nana’s pantry. Perfect for those with restrictive diets, clean eaters and people who want to munch cake for breakfast without feeling bad.

Do you have a favourite Insta foodie mum to share?

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Top Image: via Stacey Clare