[VIDEO] “It Tastes Like Fruit Leather Wrapped Around Your Finger!”

Right now, my 4-year-old son Mason loves fruit, especially strawberries and apples. But that could change tomorrow. You know what I mean, mamas. One day your kid loves something so much it’s all he’ll eat. The next day…not so much. That happened to us with green veggies. As a baby Mason devoured peas with yogurt and curry powder and broccoli with cheese sauce. Then, when he was 2, he decided that he wouldn’t eat anything green. And that was that.


I imagine the kid in this video who insists that he doesn’t like fruit is like Mason. He probably loved the stuff at one point. But now? Nope, no way. “What about peaches?” his mom asks. “Too fuzzy,” he says. “Strawberries?” she counters. “You can’t eat the stem things,” he points out. But he does like Mott’s Fruit Punch Rush apparently. It’s one of the brand’s new fruit juice drinks, with 40 percent less sugar than regular juice drinks and no artificial flavors. You know, the kind of juice a mom can get behind…even if she’s not a Juice Mom. “It tastes like fruit leather wrapped around your finger,” the boy explains. Is there any higher praise than that when it comes to a kid’s opinion?