12 Yummy Finger Food Combos (& Tricks for Getting Baby to Dig In)

When my son’s doctor told me that I needed to incorporate more finger foods into Mason’s diet once he turned 10-months-old, I panicked. Mason still didn’t have any teeth, how could he possibly handle finger foods without some horrible choking incident? But after actually following her advice I learned that as long as I diced all of his fruits, veggies, and meats and cooked them until they were super soft, Mason could easily gum up his food without a problem. Here, finger food combos he gobbled up every time – plus, four ways to deal during those times when your kid is being a picky eater.

1. Sweet potato and apple


2. Banana and avocado

3. Cooked minced chicken and apple

4. Cheese omelette and cooked minced lamb

5. Swiss cheese and apricots

6. Mac ‘n’ cheese and beets

7. Green beans and pears

8. Butternut squash and peaches

9. Peas and plums

10. Carrots and apple

11. Fresh mozzarella and tomato

12. Cheddar cheese and figs

4 Easy Ways to Combat Picky Eating

Make a pretty plate. Giving Mason several different options in a variety of textures, coolers, and flavours– say, a mix of peas, plums, sweet potatoes, lamb, fresh mozzarella, and tomato in one sitting – keeps dinnertime interesting and lets him pick and choose what he wishes to eat.

Change up his favorites. Little kids can get bored if they eat the same thing over and over. So I like to make the foods he loves differently from time to time. Instead of giving him plain peas, for example, I’ll mix pea puree with Greek yoghurt and a hint of curry powder. Or, I’ll make his mac ‘n’ cheese with spiral pasta (instead of the traditional macaroni noodles) and mix in cooked minced chicken.

Give him a delish dip. It’s amazing how excited toddlers get when they can dip their food into something great. Mason loves to dip strawberries, blueberries, and halved seedless grapes into yoghurt dip; guacamole and hummus are always a favorite with cooked baby carrots and cucumber slices.

Let him eat with fun utensils. Cool toddler’s spoons and forks, in bright patterns and whimsical patterns, rule in our house. Mason loves to choose his own combo from a drawer in our kitchen – and, he’s always more excited to eat whatever is on his plate when he’s trying out new utensils.


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