Biblical Names: Beautiful Names In The Bible

Biblical names are popular. In fact, odds are, someone in your family has a name that was inspired by one of the names in the Bible. (My family includes a Ruth and a Michael.) While perennial favorites like Mary have dropped in popularity a bit, there are still plenty of unique Biblical names to pull from the pages of the Judeo-Christian texts. Here are 20 of our favorite names in the Bible.


Asher came out of relative obscurity into superstardom at the start of the 21st century—and it’s now a top 100 favorite. It means “blessed one.”



The name of a Biblical temptress has become a tempting baby name pick for many modern parents; it’s one of our favorite Biblical names.


An Old Testament name that means “Jehovah is God,” Elijah is currently #11 on the popularity list in the U.S.


This perennial top 20 favorite was the name of John the Baptist’s mother in the Bible.


This Biblical queen’s name is now back on the rise after nearly a century of decline.


With Ava, Ever, and Evelyn on the rise, the name of the very first woman on Earth (at least as far as the Bible is concerned) is also on an upswing.


This heavenly classic was given to an angel—and is currently in the top 25 names.


Neil Patrick Harris chose this Biblical name for his son, and it’s been on a huge upswing among other 21st century parents.


This classic name means “grace,” and is currently in the top 30 baby names.


The beloved son of Abraham and Sarah has a name that means “laughter,” and has been a top 50 pick in the 2000s.


This Old Testament king of Judah sports a name that’s been on a long, slow rise since the 1990s.


One of Jesus’ apostles, Saint Jude is often associated with miracles and lost causes. And of course, it’s the name from one of the Beatles’ seminal songs.


Yeah, it’s the jeans company—but Levi is also an Old Testament name that’s currently in the top 50 baby names in the U.S.


The author of one of the Gospels has a stylish name that’s become popular in recent years for its association with the hero of the original Star Wars trilogy.


After falling out of the top 1000 back in the 1940s, it appears this New Testament name is on its way back into popularity. It means “high tower.”


The name of the mother of Jesus was a perennial top 10 favorite, but has fallen out of the top 100 in the past decade. It means “bitter.”


This pretty Hebrew girls name means pleasant, and just broke into the top 100 a few years ago.


This short and sweet Old Testament name is just coming back into vogue. It means “compassionate friend.”


Biblical strong man Samson makes this a bold way to honor a Sam in your family’s past.


Brangelina helped bring this Biblical place name into vogue after they used it for their daughter.

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