Chinese Boy Names for Babies

Chinese Boy Names
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Expecting a baby boy? The name search is one of the most exciting parts of planning for a new child in the family. Chinese boy names also work well for the middle spot, especially when paired with a longer Western name in the first position. Your baby boy will grow into the strength and power of the names on this list.

We’re loving the centuries of tradition and history packed inside popular Chinese boy names, as well as a trend toward the natural, and meanings tied to good characteristics to uphold in life. Our list incorporates traditional and more modern, unique names. (See also our list of Chinese girl names here).

Here’s a list of Momtastic’s picks for the best Chinese boy names for babies

Ah: Meaning “little one,” this simple and sweet unisex name is perfect for your baby boy. It reads like a breath of fresh air, adding a whole new meaning for the modern parents.

Chang: This common Chinese boys’ name translates to “thriving,” making it strong in both sound and meaning. A similar choice would be Chaun, meaning “the one who has financial and emotional security.” Not bad!

Cong: An adorable name for a little boy, which means “very intelligent.”

Dequan: Meaning “spring,” this beautiful Chinese name for boys would be perfect for a baby born in that season, or the parents who love the symbolism of renewal and a fresh start.

Dishi: An unusual Chinese name for boys meaning “a man of high virtue.” Who wouldn’t want to impart that sentiment onto their new bundle of joy?

Fai: This one-syllable beaut means “beginning,” making it a lovely name to mark the start of a life well-lived.

Fan: Like many Chinese boys’ names, this one is short and to the point. The translation is “lethal” and I’m all about this bold and powerful choice.

Feng: A Chinese nature name with two alternate meanings: maple, or like a Phoenix. Beautiful either way it’s interpreted.

Hop: This cute Chinese boy name means “agreeable,” and it’s hard to imagine any kid with this moniker being anything but.

Hu: May your little boy grow into the strength and wonder of this unique Chinese name meaning tiger, vigorous, and a nature god.

Jian: Meaning “strong” and “healthy,” a powerful name for your little boy.

Long: You might consider naming your little guy after the dragon, which in Chinese symbolizes strength, power, and good fortune.

Qirin: A modern boy name inspired by the Chinese mythological creature “Qilin.” It’s pronounced like the Irish name Kieran. (Fun fact: this name was created by actor Terrance Howard and his wife Miranda, but caught on enough to make it to the public sphere).

Li Jei: A complex two-part name with multiple meanings, including “beautiful,” “reason,” “logic,” and “outstanding.” Taken out of this context, Jei alone means “heroic.” Definitely a solid choice.

Liko: “Protected by Buddha.” A religious name with modern-day significance.

Li Wei: Currently in third place for the most popular boys’ name in China, this two-part name means “great” and it sounds it, too.

Ming:  Modern parents are giving this sweet name first position. It means bright, shining, and clear.

Ping: A unisex name that would be lovely for your little boy; translating to “peaceful one” or “level-headed.”

Shen: The supernatural holds high importance in Chinese culture and history; this moniker means a spirit, or something that is supernatural.

Shuang: “To be bright and clear.” What a gorgeous meaning to impart on your little dude. This would be an amazing choice for a Christmas baby — or a springtime one!

Tai: Easy to pronounce and with a super-cool sound, this one has a multitude of meanings in different languages. The Chinese translation is a “great extreme” or “too much.” (Just like your love for him).

Ushi: An animal name meaning “the ox.” In Chinese culture, oxen symbolize diligence, persistence, and honesty.

Zhang Yong: A chart-topper for boys in China right now, this name means “brave.”



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