Kate Middleton’s 6 Most Gorgeous Pregnancy Looks

It’s been almost a decade since I’ve had a baby bump, but I remember my desperate attempts to be fashionable throughout both my pregnancies like it was yesterday. For nine months, I lived in cotton maxi skirts, gaucho pants, stretchy wrap tops, and flip-flops. I could claim it was “California casual” but, honestly, it was the best I could do at the time. My greatest style statement was having a good manicure!

Of course, there were no paparazzi following me around, so there was no need to coif myself to perfection every day. For Kate Middleton, things are quite different. Her every move is watched – every outfit recorded – every maternity ensemble obsessed over. To her credit, she handles the pressure with grace and style.


Kate is classy, casual, colorful, on trend without being too trendy, willing to show some leg without showing too much, and she has amazing hair. She’s a true fashion icon who has raised the bar for women and pregnant mothers-to-be everywhere… and unless you’ve been off the grid in some remote corner of the globe, you’ve no doubt heard the news that she and husband, Prince William, are expecting their second child. Not only does that mean baby George is going to have a sibling, it also means the frenzy over Kate’s maternity style has begun anew. For fun, we’re taking a look back at her six best looks from pregnancy #1: