Baby is Hiding His Kicks from My Husband

 chelsea_sizedWelcome to Pregnancy Without a Filter, my weekly series in which I chronicle my life as a first-time mom-to-be. Read along for insights, outbursts, ups, downs, and the real deal about the crazy adventure of making a person.

Week 26


It seems crazy that just a few weeks ago I was unsure of what it actually felt like when my baby would kick. Remember that? These days, my friends, there is absolutely no mistaking it. At first I could only feel it when I was sitting quietly for a while, but now the little dude is making himself known whether I’m driving, walking, sleeping, showering, working out, or anything in between. And mostly, I love it! But sometimes, I do have to say, it gets a little weird.

There was a moment the other night when I was sitting and the kid was flopping around as usual, and all of a sudden something happened that made me actually yelp out loud. I’m not sure what he hit, but it was something important and it smarted a little. It’s bonkers how a living thing inside you can make you so much more aware of your body. I can tell when he’s up high, pushing against my lungs and diaphragm, and I can tell when he’s down low and stretching out. Sometimes I can actually identify the body parts that he’s pushing against. (Hello, anyone ever had a kid sit directly on your bladder? That was a new feeling. I’m dreading the day that he kicks it good and I pee my pants.)

But most of all, my husband and I are starting to feel like he’s playing games. I’m sure it’s our imagination, but it’s beginning to get kind of funny. We’ll be sitting and the kid will be kicking away or doing something crazy, and I’ll tell Ryan to put his hand on my tummy. And immediately, the kid stops. Motionless. It’s like that Michigan J. Frog cartoon where the frog in the lunchbox only performs for one guy, and no one else believes that the frog can actually sing and dance. It’s happened so many times that Ryan is now convinced it’s going to be like this forever — he can just see himself hearing chaos in the kid’s room, only to open the door and find him sitting and looking innocent (until the door shuts again). I myself think it’s hysterical.

So because of all that, the few times my husband has felt or seen the baby twirling around in there have been extra cool. I warn him so he can sneak up on the kid while he’s still active. If we’re lucky, baby won’t notice anything and keep doing his routine. To have Ryan’s hand on my tummy while the little guy is kicking away is just so fun. It’s like a microscopic glimpse of what it’ll be like when the three of us are all hanging out together.

So I know it’s totally my imagination, but have you other mamas had anything happen like that with the baby kicking? Or do you have any crazy baby kick stories? I’d love to know!