Is Your Kid’s Halloween Candy Laced with Pot?

Now that pot is legal in Colorado, some parents are worried that their kids may receive Marijuana-laced goodies while Trick-or-Treating. So, CB Scientific in Lakewood, Colorado, has launched a $15 kit that parents can use at home to test their kids’ Halloween treats for THC, according to a CBS4 report.

Derek LaBahn of CB Scientific recently demonstrated how the test works on  Denver’s CBS affiliate. LaBahn put a pinch of various unwrapped candies and cookies into a test tube, added some solution and dye, and shook the tube, explaining that the redder the solution in the tube becomes, the more THC the treat contains. During his demonstration, the test results were 100 percent accurate.


Colorado officials are warning parents to be on the lookout for candy containing harmful amounts of THC from marijuana in treats that can be easily mistaken for normal Halloween candy. According to CBS4’s report, one hospital has even launched an informational campaign reminding parents to check every cookie, brownie, and piece of candy their child receives and to be more “edible aware.”

 Photo: Getty