SHOCKING: Chinese Obstetrician Convicted of Selling Babies

According to reports, female Chinese obstetrician received a suspended death sentence—the equivalent of life imprisonment—for abducting and selling seven babies in Fuping, Shaaxi province in China. 

Dr. Zhang Shuxia told the parents that their infants had diseases and convinced them to give the babies up. She sold the seven newborns, including a pair of twins, to child traffickers. Six of the babies were eventually rescued, but one baby girl died.

Police are continuing to investigate 50 related cases, including 26 that they believe are linked to Dr. Shuxia, who worked at Sahaanxi's Fuping Maternal and Child Healthcare Hospital. Four additional officials at that hospital are currently on trial for suspected dereliction of duty.

China has strict population control policies that allow most couples to have only one child. Earlier this month the country's legislature adopted a resolution that eases the one-child policy. Under the new guidelines, couples who are themselves only children will be allowed to legally have two children.

While many in China are calling for the death penalty to be enforced in this case, the government believes that sparing this doctor's life and commuting her sentence to life in prison will serve a greater educational purpose.