Surprise! Your Kid’s Selfies Reveal She’s a Narcissist

Researchers in the UK have put their heads together to conduct a three year study that confirms we all already know: our kids are enormously self-absorbed.

If a pictures is worth a thousand words than a selfie just says, “Me!” over and over again.

So, what is with all the self-portraits kids take these days?

Some sociologists say that this just a part of a larger trend of narcissism that is plaguing our young people, while others say it’s simply a new mode self-expression that’s perfectly in line with social media norms, but according to the study too many selfies can alienate friends and loved ones.

What's the takeaway? Like it or not, selfies are now a normal part of social media participation—this trend isn't going to quietly disappear anytime soon—so if your kids are posting self-portraits, don't worry (unless the images convey sadness or inappropriate behavior), and maybe gently remind them to include friends and family in their pictures, as well.