DIY Flower Wall for Spring

I’ve been seeing flower walls everywhere! They are great for decorating baby showers, birthday parties, events, and even your home. They’re bright, colorful, and perfect for a spring DIY craft. This project takes few materials and only a couple short steps. You’ll have a killer wall in no time! You can use real or fake flowers, but my secret to this project is using fake flowers; they look just as pretty and your DIY flower wall will last forever. Have fun with this—start blooming and happy spring



  • Real or fake flowers
  • Scissors
  • Washi tape
  • A wall



Step 1: Gather all of your flowers and cut off a good amount of the stems, leaving a little more than an inch.

Step 2: Take any cute patterned or colorful washi tape and cut inch-long strips. They may vary in size for more of a “messy” look. Cut a strip for every flower! 


Step 3: Take your pieces of tape and stick your flowers to a wall. It’s that simple! 


You can make your flower wall as small or big as you want. Play around with designs—it doesn’t have to be in a rectangle. Have fun!

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