DIY Mini Bouquets

mini-bouquet-purple-flower-polka-dot-fabric I love having and giving fresh flowers! Sometimes, though, the fancy ones are just too expensive and the grocery store bouquets just ain’t so cute. So I came up with a quick and simple little way to dress up a single grocery store bouquet and make into a whole bunch of mini bouquets! It’s the perfect project for spring—you can run around handing out little bouquets to your heart’s content.



  • bouquet of flowers from the grocery store (Trader Joe’s often has a good selection.)
  • scissors
  • fabric scraps
  • baker’s twine


Step 1: Gather your materials. Try to find a grocery store bouquet that has lots of colorful flowers & a good amount of greenery, and isn’t wilting or falling apart.


Step 2: Separate your flowers into mini bouquets. For each bouquet, choose one or two blooms and a bit of greenery. Cut the stems down to about four or five inches. 


Step 3: Trim off the excess leaves low on the stems of your florals. Place the stems on a square of fabric, arranged on a diagonal so that the point of the fabric is behind the tops of the blooms. Fold the bottom corner of the fabric up underneath the stems.



Step 4: Wrap the two sides of the fabric around the stems of the flowers and secure with baker’s twine. Hand out your little bouquets to friends, families, teachers—anybody who might need a little something pretty. These would also make perfect little place settings for a spring dinner tabletop!

purple-flowers-polka-dot-fabric-mini-bouquet mini-bouquets-polka-dot-fabric yellow-rose-mini-bouquet mini-bouquets-scattered-flowers

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