15 Easy To Make Place Card Ideas

They don’t have to be hoity-toity and only written in fancy calligraphy to make a statement.  Here are 15 ideas to inspire you.

From Nature

1. Tuck a place card into a pine cone.  ProjectWedding.com

2. Glue a leaf onto card stock that is tented   MarthaStewart.com

3. Use a gold marker to write your guests names on a leaf. Simply place in a stemmed glass. MarthaStewart.com

4. Hot glue two twigs together. Tuck in your place card and a pine twig.  MarthaStewart.com

5. Layer two leaves natural or silk. Tie together with twine and name card.  UnKnown

6. Hot glue a leaf and name card on a jack-be-little pumpkin.    ThatCountyPlace.com

From Paper

15 Easy To Make Place Card Ideas

7.  Tie 3 jingle bells together with curling ribbon.  Tuck place card in slot of one bell InMyOwnStyle.com

8.  String beads on wire. Attach by placing wire through small holes in the tented card  BHG.com

9. Cut paper in an oval shape. Thread coordinating ribbon through two small holes and snip ends.   MarthaStewart.com

10. Use a curtain hook to make an easel. Hot glue a bead on topInMyOwnStyle.com

11.  Hot glue a button to a tented piece of card stock.  Make turkey feathers with colored paper. FactoryDirectCraft.com

From Odds & Ends

15 Easy To Make Place Card Ideas

12. Cut a cork in half lengthwise. Make a slit on arched up.  Slide place card in slit. cfrabbridesigns.com

13. Tie ribbon around 3 mini candy canes. Use hot glue if needed.  SewManyWays.com

14. Cover the bottom section of binder clip with decorative paper.   AmyBayliss.com

15. Spread open a paper clip and slip a place card in for the easiest place card holder ever.    Spray paint card stock with chalkboard paint.  Let dry, write name with chalk.  .InMyOwnStyle.com

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