DIY: Quick And Easy Halloween Chair Covers

My wake up to reality call came in the form of a last minute plant to be the co-host of a pre trick-or-treating Halloween dinner for fifteen six year old ghouls and goblins. I wanted to do something festive but that wasn’t time consuming or costly. This is my quick and easy decorating DIY to add a little spooky fun to the dinner table without breaking the bank or spending all weekend crafting.


  • Bandannas (2 per chair) I bought mine at the party store for $0.99 each
  • thread
  • Sewing machine


Iron the bandannas and put them in pairs. 
Place bandannas right side to right side. Pin the bandannas on 3 sides.
Sew around the 3 sides, rounding corners so it is one continuous stitch. 
Turn right side out and place over the back of a chair.
An instant festive atmosphere! Have a spooktacular Halloween. 
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