DIY Decorating: No Fabric Needed Window Treatments

Would you like a window treatment that will provide privacy, but will still allow in lots of light? Do you have a decorative window that just needs a bit of something to make it pop?   If you have answered yes to any of these questions, then you may like the unique ideas I have gathered here to inspire you to cover your windows in beautiful ways without any fabric at all. They are all very easy and affordable to do. The best part is that if you ever tire of them, they are just as easy to remove as a traditional fabric treatment.

1. Stencil a pattern on your window panes using craft paint. Photo – Design Inspiration

2. Apply etched window film that comes in 24′ x 36″ sections.  It is like placing contact paper on your windows, but better! You simply cut it to the size you need.  It is made by Artscape and you can find it on

Like a more modern or classic look?  Wallpaper for Windows has many affordable options for you to choose from. From private,semi-private, stained glass, or purely decorative patterns.   It is easy to cut to size and apply.  Presto-Chango Decorating!   Photos – Wallpaper for Windows

Would you like to create a custom design on your windows very inexpensively? It is easy to do with Gallery Glass Window Color.  It is a craft paint line especially made to create your own faux stained or beveled glass. It is made by Plaid Crafts and sold at your local craft store.   Sold along with it is Liquid leading strips that you can cut and mold to any shape.   You tape your pattern to the outside of the window, apply the Liquid Lead strips, and then fill in with the Gallery Glass Window Color.  I used Crystal Clear to create a beveled look.  Photo –

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