Four Leaf Clover Sweater Patch

It’s easy to add and easy to remove afterwards if you’d like. You can use this same technique to make your own stylish appliqué year round.CLOVER APPLIQUE



  • Green wool felt
  • Green embroidery thread and needle
  • iron-on adhesive
  • scissors
  • Iron
  • four leaf clover shape printed out


Iron a piece of iron-on adhesive to a square of green felt, slightly larger than the clover shape you have printed out.CLOVER APPLIQUE

Pin clover shape to the felt with iron on adhesive and carefully cut it out.CLOVER APPLIQUE

Iron the green felt clover onto a sweaterCLOVER APPLIQUE

With your embroidery thread and needle, stitch the clover onto the sweater using large strokes.CLOVER APPLIQUE

It’s a cute wool appliqué embellishment, but if you don’t feel like celebrating St. Patrick’s Day all year round, you can snip the embroidery stitches around the clover and peel it off afterwards. Keep appliqué for next year!


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