Festive 4th of July Decorations


Decorating for an Independence Day party can incorporate everything from beautiful streamers and flags to desserts and fun DIY projects for the kids.

1.decorated bungalow from Martha Stewart

2. red, white, and blue parfaits from Better Homes and Gardens

3. button bracelets on etsy

4. star cupcake toppers on etsy

5. bracelet with ribbon on etsy

6. confetti popper rockets from Alphamom

7. paper lanterns from Better Homes and Gardens

8. custom koozies from Better Homes and Gardens

9. cupcake monument from Martha Stewart

Fourth of July is one of the most fun holidays of the year. Who can resist a great barbeque and fireworks? To take your Independence Day party to the next level, Martha Stewart and Better Homes and Gardens share some great DIY projects. To make things a little easier on a mom pressed for time, use some red, white, and blue construction paper and let the kids help out. They will be proud to showcase their projects! Also, a bracelet making station at a barbeque would be great for little girls, and all the colorful beads are just another way to add a little more decoration.


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