[FREE PRINTABLE] “I Like You Because…” Notes


Valentine’s Day may have come and gone, but that’s no reason to stop spreading the love! Here’s a simple little printable to help keep those good vibes going. It’s simply called “I Like You Because,” and it’s the perfect opportunity to tell your peeps how you feel about them. It’s also a great exercise to help little ones express themselves and show gratitude to friends, family, teachers, and more. It just takes a few minutes to put them together, but you can make these a tradition and keep those good vibes going all year!




Step 1: Download the I Like You Because printable file.

Step 2: Print on white card stock.


Step 3: Cut around the outer circle.


Step 4: Fill in the blanks! You could use it as a family activity and write things about each other, or help your kids fill them out for teachers and school friends. There’s no wrong way to use them! 

i-like-you-printable-pen i-like-you-printable1 i-like-you-printable3

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