5 Ways To Celebrate Martin Luther King Jrs Birthday

In part due to his work, an end came to racial segregation.


Celebrating Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday is an opportunity not only to remember his life and the important work he did, but is an opportunity to keep his dream alive by passing it onto our children, the next generation.

As you consider January 15, the birthday of this iconic figure, make plans to celebrate.

Here are 5 ways you can celebrate.

1. Celebrate diversity. Martin Luther King Jr. had a dream that we would one day be a color blind society and that rational inequality would come to an end. Have a birthday dinner for Martin Luther King Jr. and serve a variety of foods from different cultures. If the thought of cooking ethnic foods from various regions sounds like too much work, pick up takeout from a variety of local ethnic restaurants.

2. Make a commitment to stand against injustice. Talk about a problem in your community and commit to taking action.  Whether it’s dedicating your time, talent or finances to a cause, as a family, do something to keep Martin Luther King Jr.’s dream alive.

3. Attend a commemorative service. Local churches and community centers in various areas hold services and events to honor Martin Luther King Jr. on his birthday. Consider attending an event as a family.

4. Read aloud Martin Luther King Jr’s “I Have a Dream” speech. If your children are too young to comprehend the words, share an abbreviated, simplified version that talks about the dream he had in a way they can understand.

5. Participate in the Martin Luther King Day of Service. The Martin Luther King Day of Service is part of United We Serve, the president’s national call to service initiative. Find a project in your community and serve in any number of ways, like by volunteering to help clean up the local park, by serving food at a homeless shelter or by bringing donations to a local charity.

Do you think it’s important to celebrate Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday? How do you celebrate? Share your ideas in the comments below.

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