8 Halloween Party Games For Kids And Adults

Family gatherings, delicious menu, pumpkin carvings, shopping, and decorations are now going to be a month-round affair, it’s Halloween after all. But what about games? And no, we are not talking about the traditional games but some new and fun-filled Halloween games to keep kids and adults entertained for long. Do you want such ideas? Start reading the list.

1. Spiderweb Toss

Halloween party games
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Few hula hoops, tape, and spiders (of course the artificial ones) is all you need for this Halloween game. Stick the tape in the shape of the web on the hula hoop and hang it in between trees or branches, or simply on pillars. Let the kids and adults take turns to see who gets the spider at the center or closer to the center of the web. You can even make webs in any other way you like if you don’t want to buy hula loops.

2. Monster Eyeball Hunt 

It’s similar to an Easter egg hunt. All you need are a few scary googly monster eyes. Simply hide them in your backyard, around the house, on the trees, and let everyone search for the eyes and place them back on the monster in under 1 minute.

3. Pumpkin Golf

Now is the time to show off those Golfing skills. Get a big pumpkin, golf clubs, and lots of golf balls. Carve a face design on the pumpkin and simply aim for the pumpkin’s mouth. See how many balls can the little ones and big ones get in under a minute.

4. Bowling Mummies

Add a fun twist to your regular bowling game with this idea. Wrap your kid’s bowling pins with toilet paper, add googly eyes for mummy effect, and get set to knock them over. 

Can you move the monster cookie from your forehead to your mouth without touching it? It might seem easy but trust us, it’s not. Get your kids and family members to put a monster cookie on their foreheads and bring it to their mouth without using their hands in 60 seconds. The one who wins the round gets a small gift hamper. 

6. Halloween Word Find

If you are looking for a fun Halloween game that does not require running and screaming with kids, the Halloween word search game is for you. Simply print out the word search games from online sites and let your kids find maximum spooky words in minutes. You can even play this game with the whole family. The person with the most words gets to decide the next activity. 

7. Eyeball Toss

Set up a board with spooky-looking paper cups and let your kids throw the eyeballs into the cup from a distance. To make the game even more fun, divide the team into kids vs. parents to see who has the better aim.

8. Skeleton Digging

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Bury the skeletons in a plastic tub or a big box along with packaging material and old newspaper. Now, let the kids and adults dig out the skeleton and put it back together in one piece before the time is up. There is no other spooky Halloween game better than this. 

Aren’t these Halloween game ideas fun? Which one is your favorite? Do let us know. Happy Halloween!

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