Michael Douglas

How Michael Douglas Handled Being Mistaken For His Daughter’s Grandfather

Most celebrities look younger than the average person their age. But parenting can age you and despite the wonders of plastic surgery, age can eventually catch up with you!

There’s no denying that Michael Douglas looks great but he recently shared an awkward moment he experienced during his daughter’s graduation after a fellow parent mistook him for being her grandfather.

The actor, 76, admitted on The Kelly Clarkson show on Monday that it was ‘a little rough’ to be mistaken for a grandparent of his 18-year-old daughter Carys, who he shares with wife Catherine Zeta-Jones. Douglas also has a son, Dylan, 20, with wife Catherine Zeta-Jones, and son Cameron, 42, with ex-wife Diandra.

“I gotta tell you Kelly, it’s a little rough when you’re going out the doors and the other parents are saying, ‘Oh congratulations…you must be so proud of your granddaughter,’ ” he said, which caused Clarkson to laugh out loud.

‘I said, “Well, I don’t know man. Yeah, okay.” I’m not gonna take it personal, they’re just trying to be nice.’

Can you imagine being the person who made the error? Yikes.

Douglas maintained that the graduation was ‘lovely’ despite the coronavirus precautions, adding: ‘It was so wonderful, I’m so proud of her.

He also admitted that he and Catherine are nervous about becoming ‘empty nesters’, adding: ‘It’s scary. It really is. You look at each other and go, “Well, it’s just you and me babe.”

‘You forget how many conversations you sort of hide behind in terms of talking about your kids and what’s going on next and this and that, and then one day you just look at each other…

‘We’re 20 years now, so all those good years of paying attention to each other are paying off now.’

I had my second kid when I was 38 and to some, I may be considered an “older mom”. Technically speaking, I believe I could be considered of advanced maternal age. But I have plenty of friends in their early 40s who just had their first kids. I’m hardly in the minority. And didn’t Janet Jackson have a baby when she was 50?

I went on some parenting boards and discovered that Michael Douglas isn’t alone. Parents get mistaken for grandparents all the time. I discovered the following comments on a BabyCenter thread about the topic:

“I’ve been asked twice if my daughter is my granddaughter. Honestly, I think it embarrassed them more than me when I told them she was my daughter. It makes sense as I was 46 when she was born, but still I sooo want a face lift!”

“When I was 34, several people thought my baby was a grandchild. (!?!) And when I was pregnant then, a coworker was also pregnant… and her mom was just 3 years older than me. AGH!”

“A pharmacy tech recently asked me if my nine-year old was my son or my grandson. I was DEVASTATED! I can only imagine what I’ll hear when I have a newborn at 44! hahahah!”

On the flip side, plenty of parents get mistaken for siblings and caregivers. Which quite honestly, I wouldn’t mind!

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