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The 6 Best Period Products for Teens and Tweens

Depending on the kind of relationship you have with your daughter, her first period can leave her feeling anything from awkward and embarrassed, to excited. It’s not easy to have conversations about taboo subjects – yes, despite all the progress we’ve made, menstruation still falls in that category! Your daughter probably has a lot of questions and it’s important for her to feel supported, so she’s comfortable asking them. A good way to broach the subject is from a practical standpoint – think explaining what cramps feel like to how to prevent blood from leaking onto clothes. Things can always progress from there into more of a biology lesson.

Props can go a long way in this conversation – we’re talking period products like leak-proof period underwear and herbal infused pads we could have only dreamed of when we were young! Read on to see the best period products for teens worth considering.

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