Why I Let My Son Have Sleepovers

I let my son have sleepovers. There, I said it. Whether it is a slumber party at a pal’s house or a week at a summer camp, one way or another, there will come a time that your kids will ask to sleep somewhere other than your home – without you. Safety issues, homesickness and over-fatigued children are among the reasons why some moms don’t agree with sleepovers. But many child care experts believe that sleepovers are helpful to kids.


Several months ago, my son asked me if he could sleepover at his friend’s house with two other buddies for the first time. I wanted to say no at first. Yet, I realized that this might benefit him. Instead of playing Mobile Legends with his online friends, why not spend face-to-face quality time and get to know his pals better. And before you roll your eyes or judge me, let me count the ways that sleepovers can be a good thing for kids:

Sleepovers Help Kids Learn to Adapt to New Situations

Every household has its own culture, beliefs, practices and routines. Sleepovers will open their minds to learn someone else’s way of living. Trying new foods, new games and new bedtime routines can’t possibly be a bad thing. Slumber parties will teach kids how to easily adapt to new situations when they grow up.

Children Will Learn to Compromise & Value Friendship

Sleepovers are a good way to strengthen your kids’ friendships and bond with each other. Yes, they can play games and have fun at school. However, spending the night time together at a home environment gives them some sort of excitement and makes them more intimate with each other. It also opens opportunity for them to compromise and come up with their common ground.

Sleepovers Boost Communication Skills and Confidence

My son is a shy one. Growing up as an only son, it is not easy for him to communicate with adults. The occasional sleepovers at his friends’ homes helped enhance his confidence and communication skills as he is forced to relay his concerns, requests and questions to his pals’ parents.

Kids Are Forced to Modify Behavior

Staying overnight at other homes gives our kids a chance to know their boundaries. Be it a limitation on the sweets that they can eat or a lights off schedule, they will learn to adjust and follow the house rules around them. This is a good practice as it will help them easily meet the expectations around them and surpass real life challenges.

Sleepovers Help Them Become More Independent

We need our kids to be able to stand on their own and make wise decisions when they grow up. Slumber parties are a great venue to hone their independence. Staying at other houses with their pal’s family gives them a chance to manage and take care of their own needs in a safe environment. Above all, they will get to practice new skills as they will be forced to fix the bed without us being around, pack their own things and survive separation anxiety.

Sleepovers Give Parents a Break

I may be selfish but I love it when a family friend hosts sleepovers because it gives me a break from the daily stresses that I have to survive from being a working mom. Sleepovers allows us to recharge and take care of ourselves. It’s like taking a day off at work. You will see that you will have more patience, energy and will be a better parent when you are fully rested.

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