Funny Tweets About The Hell That Is Daylight Saving Time

Stevan Ovicigor / Getty Images

Stevan Ovicigor / Getty Images

“I can’t wait to get an extra hour of sleep now that Daylight Saving Time is ending” said no parent ever. Sure, on November 4th we get to “fall back” but all that really means is we’ll be seeing our kids at 5:00AM instead of 6:00AM. They’ll lurk next to our beds in the dark, waiting to see how loud we’ll scream after being startled by what we think is an intruder standing over us. After recovering from that near death experience, we get to wake up and shuffle around like zombies as we chug coffee and pour bowls of fruit loops for our little monsters who are powered by the sighs of their parents instead of sleep.

The only thing that eases the pain of waking up when it’s still dark out is knowing you’re not alone, because misery loves company. For some reason there’s comfort in knowing you and every other parent is experiencing the same sleep deprived hell at the same time. Thankfully the funny parents of Twitter will cheer you up with relatable tweets that almost make you forget you’re tired. Almost. And if that doesn’t make you feel better, just think about waking them up with a bullhorn when they’re teenagers. Sweet revenge will finally be yours.



I don’t like to throw around the word genius, but this is genius. Send the kids away and get back your extra hour of sleep. Then go crazy and have brunch like you used to do before becoming a parent. Treat yo’ self. 

Fun Fact: Every day feels like the longest day of the year when you have kids. Somehow time manages to fly and feel like it’s standing still. Being a parent is weird.

That’s it, I’m moving to Hawaii where it’s tropical and there’s no Daylight Saving Time.

This sums it up nicely. 

Fall back or fall apart from being woken up at 3:00AM for a week straight, same difference. 

Am I a cliche? Maybe. Will that make the wine taste any less delicious? Nope. 

Look, this time change is rough on all of us. Especially those of us over 35. Send help and chocolate. 

It’s not too late. Someone start working on this immediately. Forget Mega Millions or Powerball, this will make you rich. 

Sleep is the glue that holds this family together. Without it we may not survive. 

When all else fails, let the candy from Halloween work its magic. This is the best parenting hack of all.