Boy-Approved Movies for Family Movie Night

In a few weeks we’re going to visit my sister-in-law and her kids, and since I’m not into soccer or triathlons (the boys’ regular activities), I’m banking on the fact that we can get the whole fam to cozy up with a bowl of popcorn and bond over a few awesome boy-approved movies — because, IMO, there’s nothing like a good movie night! It’s a super fun way to bring people together and cheer for the good guys while having a few laughs along the way.

One problem, though? I love girly movies and the fact that I have a 6-year-old daughter doesn’t help. That’s why I decided to do some research and check out the movie options on Hulu. Turns out, there are some pretty great choices. Movies I totally remember loving when I was a kid (yes, I was a tomboy), plus some newer comedies and a few action flicks. There’s something for everyone, but I think they’re all pretty much geared toward boys, which was my #1 goal — mission accomplished! Check out this list, prepare some popcorn, and hunker down for an evening of fun!


Photos: Hulu, where you can stream all of the amazing movies featured in this round-up.